Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

"The Nike Lebron 10 Shoes

Uttecht tried to avoid missing the game. He Nike Lebron 11 Elite Gold Price

"The scary thing about my cancer was my brother went through the same thing," Uttecht said. "And since then, two years ago, we lost him."

Uttecht said if there's one thing he's learned from having cancer, its to take the warning signs seriously. After first noticing a problem, he waited six months before seeing a doctor, and considers himself lucky. He says if you have any reason to think you have a problem, you should take care of it immediately.

good news is, I had the surgery on Thursday," Uttecht said. "And I was back at practice on Tuesday."

"You see it for what it is, it's just a game. One that we plan on winning, but it's still just a game," Uttecht said. "There's a few things beyond football that you need to take care of. And hopefully I've done that soon enough."

There was no keeping Uttecht away from football. When unexpected problems come up, people tend to cling to things that they're familiar with. For Uttecht, that was football.

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

Meyer's fight is something that's all too familiar to West Central football coach Jim Uttecht, who says sports can be a great comfort through a tough time.

Now, a year after the surgey, things have been going well. He has physicals every three months, and takes extra effort to take care of himself. But it's also given him perspective on the game he loves so much.

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

even had the surgery scheduled for the Trojans' Nike Mens Kyrie 1

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

Football Providing Comfort From Cancer

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

Because he'd hate to have to miss another game.

"With my brother's history, I was really kind of nervous," he said. "But there's not a thing you can do about Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies it, so the football's been good for me. I was able to get right back; forget about some of the things that go along with it."

In the decades he's spent as head coach, and then offensive coordinator, at West Central, Jim Uttecht has won 11 state championships and had never missed a game. That is, until fifteen months ago, when Uttecht was told he had prostate cancer.

off week, but his doctor had to change the date at the last minute. And nearly a year ago to date, Uttecht missed his team's game against Fairmont, Minn.

Last week, Northern State announced that men's basketball coach Don Meyer has cancer. But despite taking a break from his head coaching duties, Meyer says he still plans to be very involved with the team throughout his recovery.

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Ladies

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