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When asked about it by some snot nosed little reporter, Ford harrumphed, chided the reporter for asking asinine questions and refused to see what he might have done wrong. Even when asked by friends and colleagues to consider getting Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015 a driver, if he needed that time to bone up on his notes, he refused outright. He called it a waste of taxpayers money.

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

This past week the Big Smoke's big cheese was photographed doing just that while driving on the Gardiner on the way to a press conference.

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

In the meantime.

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

See you down at the Pen today for No Fixed Address. Raising awareness and funds for the YWCA. 24 in the station Van. Come and see me!!!!

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

of having the province read about their exploits.

Lets be honest here. If you were cruising down a major highway with a smartphone or an ipad in front of you while perusing a report from the office you could be (very rightly) pulled over and charged. If, on the other hand, that report was written on 27 sheets of paper and you were reading that while driving the same highway, at the same speed you apparently aren't doing anything illegal. Ask Nike Lebron Latest Shoes

Careless driving, for instance, is an extremely serious offence listed in the Highway Traffic Act as a motor vehicle without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for others using the highway That law has been around for a long time. After almost every long weekend for the Nike Zoom Basketball 2014

In 2009, though, our politicians deemed it necessary to pass section 78.1 which made it an offence to hold an electronic device while operating a motor vehicle. they thought it would look like they were out to protect us while distracting us from all the things they were NOT doing.

Not so, said the weak kneed police spokesman charged with explaining why Ford couldn't be charged. Ford wasn't weaving or showing signs of being in control of his car (and they could tell that from one still photo).

The ridiculous irony of it all is that if Ford's report had been plugged in, then he could have been hauled in. Not to mention that the person who snapped Ford's picture was the only one who was breaking the law.

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

past twenty years the OPP has produced a list of idiot drivers they have pulled over and ticketed for everything from shaving and putting on make up to reading newspapers and filling in tax returns. These folks have received whopping fines and points from their licences not to mention the embarrassment Nike Lebron Xi

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

Ford doesn't have a better idea

Toronto Mayor Rob (I'm a busy man, leave me alone) Ford.

Most other places in North America which have passed similar bandwagon legislation targeting handheld devices have written the laws to include not just talking and texting but also eating, shaving and farding (a great old English word for applying make up). Only in Ontario have do we have this narrow law which we didn't need to begin with and isn't widely obeyed for the most part.

This week, I think, we finally saw how pointless and ineffective our law against electronic handheld devices, while driving, really is. Back when we began the debating the relative merit of fining people who were talking or texting while negotiating Ontario's roads, I invited a number of experts on my radio show. Scientists told me about studies that showed how simple distractions could cause disaster. Politicians told me how many phone calls and emails they had received, demanding a new law. The most telling, though, was a police officer who told me they would enforce whatever law the legislature decided to pass BUT when I pressed him he admitted that he believed we already had laws on the books to cover the new electronic menace.

If a car had suddenly swerved into his lane or someone had darted in front of his vehicle just as his honour was checking budget figures, Rob Ford would have been just as distracted as if he'd been playing a game of Angry Birds.

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

Nike Zoom Shoes Basketball 2015

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