Nike Zoom Kobe 3

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Nike Zoom Kobe 3

the curriculum, and I was so bad, said Forgues with a laugh. got a in one of my classes because I put the zipper on the back of the pants instead of the front. And I was completely disheartened. I had never failed anything in my life. was out of pure stubbornness that she kept practicing, and before long, she was making her own clothes.

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

Dragons are not commonly thought of as snuggly creatures, but Drake the Dragon is an exception.

Each body pillow is different, but her ultimate goal is the same: she just wants to see smiles on the recipients faces.

She said over the years, she has found her hobby to be a nice retreat.

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

He is just one of the creations of local sewer Susan Forgues, who creates one of a kind custom body pillows as part of her business, It Sew Beautiful.

She is passionate about what she does.

As a retired military helicopter pilot, she said it always been a relaxing hobby for her.

Forgues creates cuddly art

will not only enjoy, but love as well.

don knit, I don crochet, and I hate that it takes months to finish anything, but these things I can finish in a couple of hours, said Forgues.

live in a mass produced world, said Forgues. is fast, and a lot of it looks the same. And I think for me, when I create these, they individual and it kind of a throwback. A lot of people don even think about sewing anymore, it like quilting or some other arts and crafts, where we moved past it now because it takes longer. But it a chance for me to resurrect what everybody used to do, and now few people do. cost of Forgues body pillows varies depending on the size.

put on the music, and if it been a busy day for me, I just keep the house completely silent, and the cats and dogs will come downstairs and it just so relaxing. My mind wanders, and I come up with ideas, and it just a creative outlet.

me, it just a break from all the madness that surrounds me on a regular basis, and it something that I going to enjoy. When you create something with your hands, and start with an unrecognized piece of fabric, and in the end turns out to be something that is enjoyable for someone else, and was fun to make, it very gratifying for me. said the only the limit to her creativity is her customers imagination.

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

is going to sound very funny, because it just thread and buttons and fabric, but as I making them, they all take on a personality. They all a little bit different, said Forgues.

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

The Kingston area artisan got her start nearly 30 years ago, but her talent didn come quite as Nike Zoom Kobe 3 naturally as she hoped it would.

These days, Forgues creations have taken more of a kid friendly turn, and she hasn looked back. She said she loves making something that a child Nike Zoom Air Flight Galaxy

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

I was in public school, I had to take sewing, that was Nike Metcon 3 Blackout

Nike Zoom Kobe 3

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