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7 One of the earliest references to chips is in Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, written in 1859, where he refers to "husky chips of potatoes fried with some reluctant drops of oil".

16 In one year, the British eat nearly three billion meals containing chips, with lunchtime being the most popular time to eat them (64 per cent) and dinner time the second favourite (24 Nike Zoom High Top per cent). Presumably the other 12 per cent enjoy them for breakfast.

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26 A "spud" is actually the narrow, flat spade often used for digging up potatoes.


8 The Americans call chips Nike Metcon Shoes Price

23 Research has shown that chip shops across the country are the surprising heroes of local language with one in six people claiming the chip shop is the place they are most likely to see or hear regional words and phrases.

17 The British National Federation of Fish Friers was founded in 1913.

27 More than 53 per cent of people said the smell of fried fish helped them to relax the science involves an aroma triggering a mouth watering sensation in preparation for digestion.

10 Research shows that the smell of chips includes several fragrance notes including butterscotch, cocoa, cheese and flowers.

20 Fish and chip shops sell around 25 per cent of all the white fish consumed in the UK and 10 per cent of all potatoes.

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22 The Welsh are more likely than any other region to eat oven chips.

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Fifty tasty facts about favourite takeaway treat

25 More concerningly, 30 per cent of people from Southampton and 27 per cent of Londoners have never tried a chip buttie. Good sense prevails in Manchester, however, where only seven per cent of people HAVEN'T enjoyed the marriage of chip and bread roll.

"French fries" and call crisps "chips". It's desperately confusing.

19 Marie Antoinette used to wear potato blossom in her dresses. She never said: "Let them eat chips", though.

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14 That's the equivalent of five portions for every man, woman and child in the country (I am definitely having someone else's share).

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15 The recent National Fish and Chip awards, held last month, crowned Quayside in Whitby, North Yorkshire, as the nation's best fish and chip shop our closest contender was The Boundary in Peterborough, run by Bill Shaw and Blair Butler.

21 Celebrity chip fans include Rihanna, Kate Moss (really?) and David Walliams. Kate Winslet, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney and John Terry all served fish and chips at their weddings.

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13 More than 250 million fish and chip meals are sold in the UK every year.

18 In George Orwell's The Road to Wigan Pier, written in 1937, he claimed fish and chips had "averted revolution", considering them chief among the 'home comforts' that acted as a panacea to the working classes.

12 If you laid all the potatoes grown in Britain end to end, they would reach to the Moon and back. Three times.

is a "chip stottie" in Newcastle, a "chip barm" in Manchester or a "chip cob" in the Midlands (and there are more depending on your postcode, it might be a bap, a muffin, a batch or a bechdan).

11 The land required to grow potatoes for chips is 33,664 hectares, the equivalent of 47,000 Wembley football pitches.

9 Michael Jackson preferred his fish and chips with mushy Nike Kyrie 2 White Metallic Silver

24 In Leeds, you might order "fish and nerks", in Glasgow "a poke of chips" while the chip buttie Nike Kyrie Rainbow

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