Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

Thankfully it's chock full of clever ideas inside that make the most of the space on offer. With an overall length of 365cm and width of 164cm, the Panda 4x4 can seat five people and, rather than the rather apologetic capacity of its predecessor, now has one of the largest luggage compartments in the city car segment. Practicality is boosted by a sliding split/fold rear bench.

Consider this business as usual. There's very little about the latest Fiat Panda 4x4 to deter a typical buyer and quite a lot that might attract new customers. It's a little bigger, quite a bit better built and with a good diesel and a great petrol engine to choose from, the Panda 4x4 remains the best of its ilk. If you need a small car that can shrug off the worst conditions the British weather can throw at it while still looking good in any social setting, there's still nothing to touch this little Fiat.

Fiat needed to pitch this car very carefully. It needed to demonstrate the Panda had moved with the times in terms of quality, space, reliability and safety but had to do so without compromising its pert and cheeky personality. I think it's managed to succeed in this quest. Yes, the car is a little bigger but not unduly so. The finish is a whole lot better inside and the equipment level has been improved markedly. Inside, there are twin coloured seats, coloured dashboard, door panels in coloured eco leather, and a gloss black instrument surround.

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

It's a vehicle that's light on its feet off road and can be threaded through gaps that would halt most SUVs. A six speed gearbox with a low first gear means the TwinAir model can inch up steep inclines. The MultiJet diesel is torquier still but only features a five speed transmission and is harder work on the open road.

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

Fiat Panda 4x4

Of course, they once emerged from a dealership polished and new, with a proud owner who wanted a chic and capable small car. That hasn't changed a bit, and the latest and third generation Panda 4x4 adheres to the same formula that's been good since 1983. Yes, it's now a far slicker operator than the original but, believe me, you'll be glad of that. Nostalgia isn't what it was.

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

The Panda 4x4 looks agreeably rugged with its body coloured 4x4 style bumpers with satin aluminium finished skid plate, roof rails, side mouldings with 4x4 logo, black wheel arches and side skirts, 15in dark alloy wheels and raised ground clearance. Fiat has thankfully resisted the temptation to make this third generation model too much bigger on the outside and it's only grown by Nike Zoom Kobe Vii Elite

Pricing isn't too bad and the rises seem justified by the extra equipment you now get. I'd choose the TwinAir model over the MultiJet diesel unless I was really putting some serious miles on the clock, in which case you have to wonder whether a Fiat Panda is the right vehicle for you in the first place. There's little that's radical about this car. It's just a formula that has matured really nicely.

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

Prices start at around for the TwinAir and you'll pay another for the more economical but less enjoyable MultiJet diesel. To put that into perspective, you're looking at a premium of around to own a Panda 4x4 over the cost of a 2WD model with the same Kyrie Irving Nike Hyper Rev Basketball Shoes

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

engine equipped to similar level in Lounge specification. Safety equipment now runs to four airbags, front seatbelt pre tensioners and daytime running lights as standard. Fiat also offers a system that detects obstacles at speeds of up to 20mph and slows the car automatically if the driver doesn't respond to in car warnings. The Panda has been engineered to accept Blue LIVE, an integrated sat nav, information, hands free and entertainment system with wheel mounted controls.

THE Fiat Panda 4x4 might just be the car that won't die. Even after they flunk their final MoT test, they're still good value to somebody and if you look in barns and farm buildings the length and breadth of the country, you'll find these little workhorses pressed into use as field cars. It's the car that rural teens learn to drive in, bouncing them along rutted tracks and handbraking them in muddy paddocks.

1.3 litre MultiJet which runs out of puff at 99mph.

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

Performance is a little less punchy than in a front wheel drive Panda but there has to be some compromise for lugging all wheel drive mechanicals about and the aerodynamics of that high body aren't quite so good. The all season tyres have fairly soft sidewalls, so this isn't a car that you're going to ever mistake for a hot hatch through a set of bends.

Fuel economy of both engines is decent if not spectacular. The TwinAir will net an average of 57.6mpg, which isn't too bad for a high riding petrol engined hatch, although the real world versus published economy figures of this engine have often been wildly discordant. Go for the MultiJet diesel and you will probably get proportionately closer to its claimed 60.1mpg figure. Emissions are also fairly good, although the Panda 4x4 isn't the city car to choose if you really want to slash your contribution to the Exchequer. The TwinAir records a CO2 figure of 114g/km while the diesel is actually a little worse at 125g/km. As with all Pandas, residual values will doubtless hold up Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's fairly well.

This time round, you get a choice of engines when choosing your Panda 4x4. Be sure to avoid the Trekking model if you want the full fat 4x4 experience. Despite its macho look, the Trekking is a front wheel drive model only. Go for the 4x4 proper and you get to choose between the award winning 85bhp TwinAir 0.9 litre petrol (which endows the Panda 4x4 with a top speed of 103mph) or the 75bhp Nike Metcon Dsx Flyknit Og

a few centimetres, largely in response to pedestrian safety regulations.

Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

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