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On New Year's Eve we gather with friends and family and jump over the date line at midnight into the next year as if cleansed from the last one. It is a new beginning, a fresh start.

And so for New Year's resolutions to be of value, we must Nike Zoom Ascention Blue

review each of these very considerable aspects of your life, it is time to craft your resolutions.

Having spent the time to Nike Shoes Kyrie Irving 2

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for 2013 is finally at an end

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Once made, the list needs to be put somewhere safe, somewhere that each week, without trying, you will see the list and it will prompt you to remember, reflect and stay on track to maintaining your resolutions in 2014.

Your living circumstances are the next broad category worthy of review in advance of making resolutions.

The key to making a successful resolution is accepting that the only behaviour you can manage is your own and therefore any resolution you make must not be about changing anyone else or their behaviour, only your own.

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Whatever is the most troublesome relationship is the one that deserves your resolution, focus and attention.

When we resolve our differences with partners, friends or family, those differences too are finished, put away, forgotten.

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Think about the relationship you have most difficulty with. Maybe it is a cousin who is selfish and self absorbed, or a child who you can't get to eat their vegetables.

Do you love what you do for work? If not, are you going to keep doing it? Is work satisfying but the personal sacrifice too great? Does work provide a great balance with home but lacks any sort of personal fulfilment?

Have you got your list? If there are more than four items on it, prune your list to keep it manageable and write them down.

To mark the beginning of the new year, we make resolutions. These resolutions reflect not what our lives are at the moment we make them, but what we want our lives to be.

Then work out the exact moment when the resolutions are to begin. Was it midnight as you toasted the end of 2013 and hailed the commencement of 2014? Or is it this morning, while nursing a sore head and blistered feet from last night's revelry.

Is the family inconvenience of sharing one bathroom enough reason to upsize your house or will it mean even more financial stress for your family? Is it time you started saving for a floor to ceiling bookshelf so you don't need to swim through a sea of kids books strewn all over the floor each time you enter your house? (Or is that just me?)

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As always, family deserves our primary focus. Family is a broad concept and therefore includes friends and our relationships generally.

Do you enjoy living in a share house with five other university students who don't pick up after themselves? If not, what are you going to do about it?

A resolution is, by definition, an end. When we resolve cases for clients in litigation, those cases are at an end, not at their commencement.

Last night, you made it over the final hurdle. You made it through New Year's Eve. You managed to pull yourself off the couch one more time, strap on some heels, and suck in your Christmas excess.

So how do we make a proper New Year's resolution? Well, according to my research, you must first examine critical aspects of your life in the year that was.

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The third broad category for review is career. Those of us who work full time know that we spend more time engaging or interacting with the people we work with than those we love. This of course explains why work is the most likely place we will meet our future partner. Consequently, it is vital that we review this aspect of our life in the context of making our annual Nike Kyrie

They are aspirational statements or goals, not resolutions, and this is why I think they fail.


look back on the year that was before we can look forward to the year that will be.

Is the relationship you most need to work on, the one with yourself? If so, what needs to change and what resolutions will need to be made within Nike Zoom Evidence Red you to make that relationship better?

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