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few successes even as plans surface to oust him for Fallon

If NBC is looking for an immediate infusion of youthful energy from Fallon audience, that may be optimistic.

Leno has held strong against the ratings challenge posed by Kimmel. So far this year, the show is averaging 3.42 million viewers, Letterman has 3.03 million and Kimmel has 2.57 million, according to the Nielsen Co. Leno is also leading among the 18 to 49 year old age group that NBC considers most important. Leno and Letterman viewership has gone down from last year; Kimmel numbers aren comparable because he now has an earlier time slot.

How Leno fans would react to the idea of him leaving the show before he wants is anybody guess. Leno, with a relentless run of jokes targeting the futility of NBC executives in recent weeks, doesn seem particularly happy.

While all the corporate thinking is going on, Leno has continued to stay in the ratings lead.

When O replaced Leno at the audience didn follow. The show ratings dipped alarmingly, and NBC had to bring back Leno to stave off a revolt from its affiliates. There no guarantee that Fallon will succeed where O failed.

Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

This Sept. 21, 2012 photo released by NBC shows Jay Leno, host of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," on the set Nike Zoom Dynamic Training in Burbank, Calif. As Jay Leno lobs potshots at ratings challenged NBC in his "Tonight Show" monologues, speculation is swirling the network is taking steps to replace the host with Nike Zoom Structure 20 Women's

With Leno already taking potshots at network executives regularly in his monologue, the network risks repeating the nightmare of Nike Kyrie 1 Launch Event

Jimmy Fallon next year and move the show from Burbank to New York. Jay Leno and the show is one of the few remaining successful programs that NBC has on its network. So why would its executives think about getting rid of him?

That no small feat at NBC, which has seen its prime time lineup collapse to historic ratings lows this winter. Leno, Night Live, and Brian Williams News are the only reliable ratings leaders left at the network.

Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

While the average age of Leno audience is 58.1, the oldest in late night, Fallon audience is less than five years younger at 53.3. Fallon also hasn been gaining in popularity; his average audience has slipped from 1.7 million last year to 1.6 million the year before, according to Nielsen.

There also the spectre of Ann Curry, which should be fresh in the minds of NBC new corporate ownership.

2010, when Conan O failed at and NBC Nike Zoom Kyrie 1 Performance Review

Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

Leno, 62, and his longtime rival David Letterman, 65, are approaching the end of their long late night reigns. Fallon, 38 and with his own late night show getting critical acclaim, represents the next generation. So does Jimmy Kimmel, 45, at ABC, and that network made the strategic chess move in January to give him the same time slot as Leno and Letterman. favourite of a younger audience before Fallon can establish himself.

Younger audiences seem to be elsewhere at that hour, either online or watching cable. The median age of O audience is 39.5 and Chelsea Handler is 35.6. Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have audiences with median ages of 42.

Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

When NBC News replaced Curry as co host of the show last summer, viewers reacted angrily fixing much of their anger at Matt Lauer. was running neck and neck with ABC Morning America in the ratings at the time; now it regularly finishes second.

brought Leno back. kind of wonder what in the water at NBC that is making them make that decision. its face, such a move would seem like a proactive strategy from NBC new corporate owners at Comcast Corp., known for its decisive decision making.

NBC has confirmed that it is building a new studio for Jimmy Fallon at its New York headquarters but refuses to comment on reports that Fallon is due to replace Leno on a New York based show as early as next year.

Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

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