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Not only does it provide them with an extra crop, it also lets them be the first to show up at market with vegetables.

Neither one comes from a vegetable farming background, although Sharon was involved in the local food movement and has lots of friends who are farmers.

Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White

Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White

Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White

is one of those mid life career changes, explained his wife, Sharon Freeman. had been doing it for 20 years and it just wasn't fulfilling for him. had bought some property just outside Battersea Nike Zoom Ascention 2017

Or you could start a crop like potatoes early, all of it Nike Lebron Latest Shoes

Every now and then over the winter, Sharon Freeman would grab a good book and, with her dogs trotting along behind her, walk down to Florida for the afternoon.

She had a home garden and was always interested in making sure what she ate was good and clean.

Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White

were cutting spinach in December and selling it, whereas normally you might only be able to do it till the end of October, she said.

They are now in their seventh year of farming and call their spread Freedom Farm.

there is such a demand for local food, it just makes sense to try and be as early as possible but also be as late as possible. key to the whole thing, she explained, is that light is more important to growing the vegetables than heat. If it works in Maine, why not in Battersea, the Freemans wondered.

and more people are starting to use their greenhouses for this type of growing. It would be a fabulous application for a community garden. could Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014

was so much Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White snow and ice the door was frozen shut. hope to build two more greenhouses next summer to increase their crop size.

They market their wares through their local Community Supported Agriculture group, the Memorial Centre farmers market and area retailers such as Wendy's Mobile Market, Glenburnie Grocery and Limestone Creamery.

Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White

'Florida' great spot for cold

only concentrate on one or two crops, but there are many, many things you can have in there. Coleman's book recommends everything from Asian greens and beets to carrots, arugula and leeks to mustard greens.

back in 1999, intending to do something with it but never motivated enough, she said.

This winter was a harsh one and left them with some frost damage when the temperature took a drop one night and they didn't get out in time to cover the plants.

we would have to wait until the end of April when the ground is dry enough to be worked, she said.

Freeman said they aren't alone in using an unheated greenhouse, although their moveable one may be unique in the area.

I had to take my coat off. I couldn't stand it. Once you are in there you feel it, the warmth and the humidity, the smell. You could put a lawn chair in there and get a book, a margarita. said the vegetables they grow in the winter tend to be sweeter than normal because the sugar is concentrated in them, thanks to the freeze/thaw cycles.

This winter they planted spinach and kale.

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Freeman had spent most of his career on the family's mink breeding farm in Battersea and was looking for a change.

It is unheated, but the winter sunshine that illuminates the inside not only offers a toasty warm atmosphere in which to enjoy an afternoon of reading, it also provides the perfect environment to grow cold weather vegetables.

The vegetables are planted in the greenhouse in September and start growing under the early winter light. They go into a kind of suspended animation in December and January when the light is at its lowest and the temperatures most extreme.

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Using the greenhouse allows them to extend their normal growing season and harvest their produce almost all year long.

in mid February, when the light comes back, the stuff just regenerates and starts to grow, said Sharon Freeman.

The Florida in this case isn't the American sunshine state but the nickname she and husband Will have given their greenhouse in a field near their Battersea home.

Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White

They just planted their lettuce crop on Monday.

the soil is warmed up, it absorbs the heat. Then, when you put the cover over it, it is like being in a warm bed with the blanket over top. on the sunny winter days, when the interior temperature hovers around the 26 C mark, that Sharon brings down her book.

prompting a definite case of envy in your neighbours, said Sharon.

She was a part of a 10 member Community Supported Agriculture group, which sells shares in advance of the growing season and then provides weekly baskets of veggies during the harvest time.

even work out in a small backyard setting, she suggested.

Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White

Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White

If the temperature is going down below 10 C, the plants have to be covered.

Nike Zoom Clear Out Black And White

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