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flying reputations won't do much for Norwich City's promotion chase

Nike Zoom Cage 2 Mens Tennis Shoe

And that's the point. If Norwich City succumb to too many opponents and their dogfight attitudes this season, there are going to be a lot of players who will find their previously proud reputations have suffered a significant blow.

So don't feel sorry for them plus it's not like those players don't know what lies ahead of them this season.

Nike Zoom Cage 2 Mens Tennis Shoe

Nike Zoom Cage 2 Mens Tennis Shoe

Manager Neil Adams is aware of it, and he spoke at great length on the situation last week ahead of the Wolves game.

I mentioned in my column in last week's paper that comparing City's last two Championship escapades is a futile exercise.

Nike Zoom Cage 2 Mens Tennis Shoe

Nike Zoom Cage 2 Mens Tennis Shoe

And the players know all too well what they're facing. Aware they are the hunted, and they need to live up to their reputations rather than live off them.

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He wasn't interested in the hype or outside view. He just wanted to see his players perform.

And with every opponent City come up against, an opponent aiming to make their own reputation, those Norwich players have to be prepared to give everything they have as they fight to preserve their own reputation.

Otherwise, they will join the long list of players who found their peak came too soon after a trough of relegation Nike Zoom Hyperdunk

with a reputation claimed by the Nike Zoom Red Shoes


And as a little continuation from that, it's this context of reputation that most marks the difference between the Norwich City that arrived from League One in August 2010, and the one that started Championship life following top flight relegation this month.

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It places a huge pressure on the City players this season one shared by Cardiff and Fulham's more experienced hands too; although that is why they get paid so handsomely to do the job they do. Even at this level.

And then came Sunday when all City's reputation appeared to do was stiffen the opposition into an animal ready for a dogfight, with their sole aim seemingly to destroy that reputation over the course of the next 90 minutes. Nike Zoom Cage 2 Mens Tennis Shoe That's what the Nike Lebron 12 Ext Black Rubber City

Nike Zoom Cage 2 Mens Tennis Shoe

That almost makes relegation simply a precursor to worse, in the football career stakes. Almost.

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And so, of course, that should end up being the case as this 46 game campaign plays out. After all, the Canaries have a lot of players who have plenty of Premier League experience and have shown they can play at a higher level in the past.

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Just saying Aside from conceding a few more goals, it felt like City opening game at Molineux could not have gone much worse if only because of an accumulation of events, topped off by allegations two fans made racist remarks at a Wolves player. Clearly, those headlines do the club these people supposedly support no favours at all. Yet, City fans also seem to be some of the best at self policing too and while it tends to put the club in the spotlight more, I would much rather have Norwich fans making it clear such remarks should not be tolerated at any time or place, than simply ignore the problem altogether.

Sadly, in terms of evidence on the pitch, Sunday left a lot to be desired with enough wiggle room from certain things that played out to feel they can make a better fist of things over their forthcoming home battles.

collective force of the Championship does it can earn you a reputation, but it can just as easily crush it. In fact, maybe it finds that bit easier.

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