Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

DNA rearrangements tend to happen more as cancer progresses and the cells become more fragile and damaged, but some of the rearrangements may turn out to be important to the development of the cancer in Nike Metcon 1 Price

In the study, researchers mapped the complete genome of prostate cancer that is, all genetic material, including more than 20,000 genes and other DNA material surrounding the genes, for seven patients with advanced disease. The researchers then compared the cancer genome in the tumors to the normal genome in white blood cells taken from the same patients.

The study, conducted by researchers from the Broad Institute, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Weill Cornell Medical College, appears in the Feb. 10 issue of Nature.

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

By Jenifer GoodwinWEDNESDAY, Feb. 9 (HealthDay News) Genetic sequencing of the entire prostate cancer cell genome revealed never before seen changes in DNA that may contribute to tumor growth, new research finds.

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

"If we could use those changes as a diagnostic tool that would be tremendously valuable," he added.

Here's one way to conceptualize the alteration, Phelps said: "If the genome was a book, instead of just looking for out of place letters or misspelled words, whole genome sequencing looks for whole paragraphs that are in the wrong place.

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

First Look at Prostate Cancer Genome Yields Insights

the first place, he added.

Prostate cancer causes more than 30,000 deaths in the United States annually, according to background information in the article. More than 200,000 men are diagnosed each year.

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

Whole genome sequencing also enables scientists to look not only at "coding" genes, but also "noncoding" DNA around the genes that was once thought to be "junk" but is now known to play an important regulatory role within cells, Phelps said.

"Because [the researchers] sequenced everything, they were able to map not only individual base changes but also how whole genes or segments of the chromosomes had moved around," Phelps said. "By sequencing everything and comparing the normal DNA (in white blood cells), they could see that not only were there individual base changes in the genes, but the genes themselves had been reshuffled in the tumor as part of the process of becoming cancer," he explained.

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

sequencing revealed nearly 100 Nike Lebron Easter

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

Until recently, such DNA rearrangements were known to be important in blood cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia, said William Phelps, program director for Translational and Preclinical Cancer Research at the American Cancer Society. However, it's only more recently that researchers have started uncovering the importance of that type of genetic alteration in solid tumors such as breast and now, prostate cancers, he said.

By mapping the full genetic blueprint of the tumor, researchers hope the information will eventually lead to the development of more targeted drugs and a better understanding of which prostate cancers Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015 are likely to spread, one of the biggest challenges for physicians and patients.

"We are doing whole genome sequencing as opposed to more targeted sequencing because it's really necessary to identify these rearrangements which are so important in prostate cancer," Berger said.

such rearrangements in each patient, said Berger.

The investigators found various types of genetic alterations, some of which had previously been identified and others that had never been seen before. Of particular note were structural rearrangements in which relatively large chunks of DNA from one chromosome move to another location, or swap places with other pieces of DNA.

Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

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Nike Zoom Air Running Shoes 2015

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