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The canteen in the sole of each flip flop holds about one ounce of liquid Nike Metcon Online Store

main purpose of these is for that," Bill Smith with the Sioux Falls School District said.

Smith says parents should be concerned. Forty four percent of students in the district said they used alcohol at some time last year. That's down from ten years ago at 64 percent. But Smith says that's still nearly one in two teens drinking underage.

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

Grant: Do you think alcohol or do you think water?

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

Smith and Granville say parents should take the first step and educate themselves on any new products kids might use to hide alcohol.

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

and a small key opens the container. You can funnel in any beverage and there's even a mixer bar on the bottom of the sole. Smith and Granville both say they believe the company is promoting alcohol use.

"Of course its illegal for people under 21 to possess alcohol and I think the Nike Lebron 11 Low Release Date

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

"For some of them I think it's probably a challenge. To see if they can get over on the teacher or whoever is in charge of them," Granville said.

Mom: Water, I would think.

It's these sandals Granville is afraid teens will find. From far away, the Dram by Reef, looks like a normal shoe, but get closer and you'll notice a compartment built into the sole, designed to hold any beverage of your choice.

feel the warm sun. But they do have another use. One that worries Keystone Treatment Center Counselor Ben Granville.

Smith says the Dram has been on the district's radar since last school year.

"Somebody might put up a smoke screen that they're for some other purpose but I believe that's what that's for. That's the position the school districts going to take," Smith said.

Flip Flops With A Flask

Parents of teenagers have mixed feelings about the shoes. No, I would not like that but someone who might be running who may want a little bit of water. Maybe.

"We have a challenge in our community that we need to keep working Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release at and this would be another example of how we want our community to make sure that they're being on the alert," Smith said.

If they're determined to get their hands on alcohol, teenagers will find a way. But now one product makes it one step easier for them. And something as simple a summer flip flop could be tempting to teens to drink.

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

You may think these summer sandals are only to let your feet Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 33

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

"If students wear these to school and we see them we're going to ask that our administrators call their parents and talk with them about what those are really for," Smith said.

Nike Metcon Rose Gold Release

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