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front bumper where they've caught it reaching under to paint the lines. There were no lines there when I parked. I can't believe they've done it."

"If they were going to paint yellow lines then they should have put up cones to stop people parking," he added.

In any other walk of life that would be called deception and people would be jailed for it.

Mr McCrystal, of Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways Boden Street, Derby, said notices had been put up several weeks ago saying parking restrictions would be introduced but they did not say when.

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

WE employ these fools and pay their wages, so WE have the right to be outraged when they then steal from us.

were no circumstances to justify the issue of a penalty notice.

In addition, since when has parking on a double yellow line been akin to intruding on people's "private lives"? Also, they have admitted in the story that they were in the wrong, have apologised and paid back the fine. However, I still don't see why it constitutes 'news'. There are a million examples of this kind of thing happening daily with private business (stupid mistakes, not double yellow line painting for the 'literalists' out there!) but it isn't considered 'news'. Its just another excuse for the DET to have a pop at the Council which it appears it only exists to do.

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

It would have been obvious to the contractors that no sensible extension to the yellow lines could be achieved because of the parked car so why did they try? The outer line is bent, part of the struggle to insert it beneath the car, and will have to be re done. When the warden arrived, the sequence of events would have been equally obvious, leading to the conclusion that there Nike Lebron 13 Black Red

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

"It appears that there was a communication breakdown between our contractors undertaking the lining work and our enforcement officers. The ticket will be revoked and we apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

Studies show that as many as 1 in 4 fixed penalty tickets are in fact illegally issued, yet very few people challenge them. That means that councils up and down the country are robbing innocent citizens.

from John Stewart, Hilton, Derby.

little laugh at a motorist's expense to brighten a boring day.

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

Flecks of yellow paint were even sprayed on the bumper of Patrick McCrystal's car as the lines were painted under the front of it in Kedleston Street yesterday

Despite David Gartside's brave attempt at a damage limiting explanation, it is difficult to see anything other than one of two causes. Either a most unfortunate combination of stupid contractors and warden, or a conspiracy to have a Nike Lebron 11 Low Performance Review

"When I pulled up I saw the gap between the old lines and the new ones and thought it was okay to park there. Nothing gave me the impression I couldn't."

Mr McCrystal said: "There is even paint on my Nike Zoom Cage 2 Dragon

A passer by said council staff had been angered they could not paint the lines because of the parked car.

As the story says, the council only apologised and rescinded the fine AFTER it was contacted by the DT. If this chap hadn't got the newspaper involved, they would probably still be claiming he owed them the money. I bet there are still some council officers who think the ticket should stand, and that the council has just backed down for PR reasons (which is probably true).

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

The worst thing that happened to parking enforcement in this country was putting it into the hands of greedy councils instead of the police. Why can't people just think to themselves "well, thats unfortunate but alls well that ends well"

This is not a case where one can blame the politicians, or even senior management. The Council has been let down by its front line workers. Why can't people just think to themselves "well, thats unfortunate but alls well that ends well" rather than writing to the newspaper

The new lines extended from existing double yellow lines which had previously ended about two feet from Mr McCrystal's front bumper.

Nike Metcon Dsx Colorways

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