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Not sure about the Skoda being the most used car by minicab firms, from my experience in London that is, it appears to be the Toyota Avensis and Vauxhall Zafira

Nike Metcon Custom Id

oh yes the Price .

The resale values are like comparing apples with oranges, the only car you'll pay list for is a VW, so a 20k VW with a residuel of 14k seems better than equivellent ford etc with res of 11k or 12k but with the usual discounts the others offer percent is the same. I've seen 20k astra estate selling new for 15k. you've already saved 5k so wouldn't expect it to still sell for 14 after a couple of years

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readers a disservice by trying to prove your point in this way.

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Nike Metcon Custom Id

Nike Metcon Custom Id

VW have been doing for 30 years by telling us they are SOOOOOO reliable. Skoda Fabia estate? nothing FAB about them, power stering failed on my 50,000 mile 1400 and after I'd fixed it couldn't sell it cos no 1 wanted and old Nike Metcon Custom Id man car. SEAT Ibiza climate control packed up on 35,000 700 engine management failed on 42,000 800, paint started flaking from doors after 4 years around the windows on both sides, Auto wipers have never worked properly since new, needs a monsoon to get them to start, washer pipes that pop off every time it freezes and every bird dropping that ever touched the paint has marked it.

All of this would be enough to justify paying a premium, yet the better car here is also the cheapest by some distance. That's bad news for the naturally aspirated Focus. The Skoda ownership experience also promises to be one of the best around, if our annual satisfaction survey is anything to go by, so this is a resounding victory.

The Skoda is the most used car by the mini cab firms and why that because it does the job and reliable .

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As with your Seat Alhambra/Ford S Max "Head to Head", if you're going to compare at least compare like for like. Don't pick and choose to prove your point, if the Skoda's a turbo, the Ford has to be a turbo too. That way performance, space, economy, running costs, purchasing cost and value for money can be compared properly. If the turbo Ford cost X number of pounds more than the Skoda turbo you can tell us but don't skew the results by comparing mismatched cars and specifications, you do yourself and us the Nike Lebron 11 Elite Blue 3m Price

If you say it enough people will believe it, that's what Nike Kyrie Green

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I would normally disagree, but it really seems as though some of the above posters are right. I just remember about 2 weeks ago an Auto Express I bought which had a yellow 1.6 turbo Focus Estate, so why then whinge that this model has no turbo and there is a 1.6 turbo version available if Auto Express wanted to test one.

Ford Focus Estate vs Skoda Octavia

Still, gotta love the Octavia, what a motor!

If I could I would get the Superb Estate as the name says it is Superb in and out.

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So all you people who knock Skoda remember you would have no problem drivening a Polo ,Passat etc the only difference between the 2 is the body and name, Nike Zoom Black And Pink

WHICH of these two models best meets the estate car brief? If stylish looks are the priority, the new Ford Focus is the car for you. But in virtually every other respect, the load carrying Skoda has the edge. The new 1.2 litre TSI engine ensures the bigger, thoughtfully designed Octavia is the faster and more efficient choice. And while the Focus is arguably more engaging to drive, the Skoda strikes a better everyday balance between comfort and handling ability.

While I may not be a fan of the styling of this new Focus, mainly the front, but the Skoda, just looks plain boring, if it wasnt for the front grill design the Skoda would have looked nice.

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