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back to food, when I went to Parkfields Cedars in 1942, food was really in short supply.

I took it to school the next day and cut it into more than 20 slices and gave all the girls a slice. Left with the skin, I draped it over the bell so that when it rang it made no noise. Our form didn't go down to assembly and the headmistress came to see why not. Boy, was I in trouble.

We moved house when I was about 12 and had a large garden. There had been a tennis court but it had been dug up to grow food. There was also an area with about 12 or so small fruit trees and a sty for two pigs.

School dinners on many days were Pom (dehydrated mashed potato) and Spam (Similar to today's but more basic. I think it was imported from the USA).

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When I was five, I walked from the bottom of Chaddesden Lane to Morley Road School about a mile and, in those days, only part of the road had pavements on both sides.

beetroot or cabbage, and, in season, pears and apples with the semolina.

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There was an old moat a relic from the old hall and we had to cross this. The stone step was covered in green slime and we often fell in but you just ran around until you got dry.

There used to be a "pill box" as we called it up the fields near Crow Wood, some kind of look out for defence purposes. It had five or six sides with an entrance space on one side but no door, just a smaller wall in front.

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When I lived in Chaddesden Lane, in the school holidays I would go out in the morning with a sandwich or just bread and play all day in the park.

However, there was not much traffic an occasional car, lots of bikes, Mr Nike Metcon Buy Online Lomas with his horse and cart from Gilbert's Dairy. His horse knew the route and, if Mr Lomas stopped to gossip, it would wander on without him to the next customer.

Then semolina for pudding with, on a good day, a spoonful of something called jam. Depending on the time of year, you would occasionally get vegetables, perhaps Nike Metcon Online

I never saw a banana until about 1946. I had a boyfriend who worked at the wholesale fruit market and he took one and gave it to me.

They used to wander under the trees and eat the dropped fruit. Then we had to have them slaughtered. Mum and I went out when the slaughtermen came to collect them. You only got half the meat back as half was given to the Nike Zoom Black Green

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Food for thought when a healthy lifestyle was down to child's play

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We climbed on this and then on to the roof. It was fine for sunbathing!

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