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Opposing the plans, Mr Miliband said Mr Cameron was "going to put Britain through years of uncertainty, and take a huge gamble with our economy".

Mr Cameron himself said he would campaign "heart and soul" for the UK to stay in the EU.

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He said: "Business hates uncertainty and that's what will be caused by this."

He said: "We compete against others in the same market and if we are to continue to do so it's very important that we have the same terms and conditions as the people we are competing with in Nike Lebron 13 Elite Red

Mrs Wheeler said: "The EU is an important body. It accounts for a huge percentage of our trade and withdrawal will impact our ability to influence decisions which affect our economy.

Nike Metcon Brown

Nike Metcon Brown

Tory MP for South Derbyshire Heather Wheeler said the British public were fed up with the demands that being "part of European project" puts on them.

She said: "The Eurozone crisis gives us a chance to renegotiate the rights and responsibilities that our involvement in Europe places on us, which is why it is really important that we take the opportunity to negotiate the best deal for Britain."

Labour leader Ed Miliband called said Mr Cameron was "running scared" of growing support for the UK Independence Party.

The National Farmers' Union, which has 950 Derbyshire members, has also expressed concern.


"We need a calm and reasonable debate which does not polarise opinion, trade insults and exaggerate problems."

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more choice if powers on decisions and farming in the UK came back under our control.

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David Cameron yesterday said the British people must "have their say" on Europe as he pledged an in/out referendum if the Conservatives win the next election in 2015.

If all goes to plan for the Tories, Mr Cameron said the referendum would be held during the early part of the next parliament by the end of 2017 at the latest.

is that we could lose a whole market if we left the EU."

Mr Cowcher said a recent survey of hundreds of firms who are members of the chamber found that 80% wanted to Nike Metcon Brown stay in the EU.

Lets get this straight, being in the union is bad, being out is bad, no one makes decisions yet not being in the Euro has seen us being far better off than many European countries and having significant inward investment from rest of the world. We went in for trade not laws or on united federal state or to prop up other countries budgets by giving billions away that causes our people to suffer austerity cuts with millions day being our contribution. Farmers will have Nike Kyrie 2 Christmas 2017

THE Prime Minister's promise of an "in/out" referendum on the European Union could cause damaging uncertainty for Derbyshire's firms, one of the county's top business leaders has said.

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Nike Metcon Brown

Nike Metcon Brown

Nike Metcon Brown

Richard Hezlet, East Midlands spokesman, said UK farmers sold a deal of produce to EU countries, including one third of Britain's lamb.

Don't forget that 60% of our trade is with countries outside the EU, and increasing. There is little chance of us ending our trading with the EU as we buy more from them than we sell to them. The EU needs Britain more than Britain needs the EU.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU, before giving the "simple choice" of a vote on accepting the result of the talks or leaving the EU.

An interesting discussion on the Sunday Politics show, a Nottingham businessman was concerned that we should stay in the EU because the majority of his employees have come over from the European continent to work for him! So why is he not supporting local jobs for local people at a time when we have such high levels of unemployment? It does seem that government and businesses are at odds with the needs and wishes of the people. It is certainly time our relationship with the EU was revised in favour of our wishes and needs,if this fails then we should leave the EU.

Firms and farmers say Tory EU referendum will cause uncertainty

"The concern Nike Metcon Metallic

Mrs Wheeler, a consistent supporter of an EU referendum, has said she believed legislative powers on employment and social policy should be repatriated.

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But George Cowcher, chief executive of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce, said the worst case scenario would see firms struggling to make investment decisions as they would not know if the UK would be in the EU in the future.

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