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Saudi Arabia is half way around the world. But that hasn stopped a KELOLAND company from landing its biggest contract ever, a deal worth $318 million.

"Right now the domestic North American market is almost off 50 percent. So, the export side is really filling in well, and that allowed us to stay at full capacity and working overtime. This contract will keep us at overtime through 2014," Harold said.

Nike Metcon Banned

"We just started building fire trucks for Lyons and had no idea that more customers would come along and want trucks. And it just kind of accidentally grew into a business; maybe a little bigger than we thought it would," Helen said.

Boer admits building more than 500 trucks in two years is a huge undertaking. But, he says a lot of his workers are volunteer firefighters in smaller communities in this area and that they take pride in their work.

Harold and Helen started with just a small gas station back in 1975. They not sure how their company grew so big. But, they soon went from pumping gas to pumping out massive fire trucks that are sold worldwide.

"We done a lot of business with Saudi since 2000 and 2001. We got our first contract and in the last ten years we produced over 1,000 vehicles for Saudi already," Harold said.

Now, Rosenbauer has landed a huge contract with the Saudis that worth more than $300 million for building fire trucks. Boer and his workers are Nike Metcon Banned responsible for more than 500 of the 1,200 vehicles requested to be built within two years.

Nike Metcon Banned

Nike Metcon Banned

Nike Metcon Banned

Their big break came when they signed on with Rosenbauer, one of the leading manufacturers of fire trucks in the world.

Nike Metcon Banned

"Their population is expanding and they are Nike Lebron Velcro

"We always joke in the fire service that many firemen put their fire truck and service just above their wives. That why they look so nice," Harold said.

Harold Boer: Me and Helen.

Nike Metcon Banned

are built for firefighters who are trained to save lives and property, something the Boers don take lightly.

department and needing to build a truck and trying to build some more, searching to find the right parts and keeping the books on the kitchen table at home to this. It really been exciting."

doing a lot of infrastructure upgrades for the general public, parks schools hospitals fire protection, public protection. And they are just spending the oil money for the good of the people there," Harold said.

But looking nice isn nearly as important as getting it right. After all, these trucks Nike Lebron Soldier 8 Black

Nike Metcon Banned

Nike Metcon Banned

LYONS, SD In a down economy, local companies sometimes have to look elsewhere to drum up big business.

And what good for the Saudis, is good business back home.

Nike Metcon Banned

Don Jorgensen: How many people did you start with?

Fire Truck Frenzy

Harold owns and operates the fire truck building company in the small town of Lyons, South Dakota, population 75. He employs three times that many people right now.

Nike Metcon Banned

"I feel like we have a big responsibility to them. We are providing them with a product they need to be those heroes and if it fails we feel responsible for that failure. So, it a product that has to work when they need it to work; it a big responsibility," Helen said. "It been quite a ride, been fun. From the two of us pumping gas on the corner to him starting the fire Nike Lebron Collection

Nike Metcon Banned

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