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"I had a brilliant time being a footballer I played for two great teams, Derby County and Watford, with great supporters. It would be nice if I could kick a ball now but I cannot because of my arthritis but you have to look back at what is good.

Then manager Arthur Cox had used Jeff Chandler and then Graham Harbey on the left flank but saw an extra touch of class in the winger.

"CT scans mentally kill you," he says. "I have cancelled appointments and even got to the hospital and have been unable to go through with it in case they come back with something I don't want to hear."

"The next thought was 'am I going to die from this?' Luckily in my case they could operate."

"You feel like you're back to some kind of normality with your life but if they tell you it has come back, you cannot get on with your life as it changes everything.

He says: Nike Metcon 2 Women Black "I'm on about four years now and the nurses have said to me they wouldn't expect to find anything now, so hopefully I'm ok."

found out about the cancer in late 2009 because he was having regular blood tests for arthritis.

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

Following the second operation, Nigel made a very quick recovery and was discharged from hospital after five days.

He says: "My mum is a trooper and the kindest woman and going through this kind of thing makes you find out who your best mates are."


In February 1987, Derby paid 140,000 for the player to help give them a final push towards the Second Division title which they won that year.

He believes he has been very fortunate because he has had the support of his mum and some very good friends.

Nigel, who now lives in Stafford, underwent an operation to remove the tumour and was given a six month course of chemotherapy.

Nigel's football career came to an end in the early 1990s and he now works as a DJ and has played music at clubs in Derby including the Blue Note and Fever. He only Nike Metcon For Running

"I was told the second operation was going to be a bigger one and I thought to myself 'this could be it'. I went on holiday with my mum to Orlando, the week before the operation.

After five years, Nigel will be officially in remission.

"It used to make me feel sad that I couldn't play football but not any more," he says.

he had been watching the screen at the time and realised something was wrong.

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

He says that he tries to keep the cancer out of his mind and tries to get on with his life, but is made to think about the cancer when he has a check up.

"Something showed up in my blood and then they used an exploratory camera and found that I had a tumour in my bowel," says Nigel.

"I don't think anybody who has had cancer will ever get rid of it, because mentally it will always be with you every time you go for a check up you think 'what if'."

The club finished runners up in the First Division a year later and reached the 1984 FA Cup final, in which he played.

Nigel is unable to do anything sporty now because of his arthritis.

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

Nigel, who played for the Rams in the 1980s, says: "Every time I go, it's like they're giving you a gun with one bullet in and you're pulling the trigger not knowing whether it's the one that's going to kill you.

"The worst thing is that slight moment before they put you to sleep and you think 'did I say goodbye to my mum?', as you know you might never wake up."

He says Nike Kyrie Lebron Pack

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

He says: "I just saw the camera come to this horrible thing and just knew it wasn't right but didn't expect it to be a cancerous tumour. I don't think I thought anything everything just went blank.

"The operations are bad and hurt and are not something I would like to go through again," says Nigel.

Nigel was 17 when he made his debut for Watford in 1980 and was involved when the club won promotion from the Second Division in 1982.

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

Former Derby County star Nigel Callaghan still lives with mental scars of cancer battle

He played nine times for England Under 21s, helping win the 1984 UEFA Championship.

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

"Life deals you bad hands but you have to remember that, for every bad hand you have got, somebody else has a worse Nike Zoom Rookie

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

But, only months after the surgery, he was told the cancer had spread to his liver. He had a second operation in November 2010.

Nike Metcon 2 Women Black

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