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We are talking about two particular foods and both of these foods are targeted at prostate cancer, why is that? Is it?

seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. It is one of the most common types of cancer in men.

"I could never tell that there was anything different about the bread," Prostate Cancer Patient, Gordon Renkes, told Ivanhoe.

Researchers say isoflavones may prevent cancer and the almonds have an enzyme that makes it easier for you to absorb them. Forty men with prostate cancer, including Gordon Renkes, ate the bread three times a day for eight weeks.

Blood in the urine

Yael Vodovotz, PhD, a professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at The Ohio State University, talks about some foods that could help people fight prostate cancer.

Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold

Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold

Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold

However, researchers could tell that it had an interesting effect.

Dr. Vodovotz: Yes, these foods are in fact foods that provide nutrition, addition to the norm. Mostly we have designed some of these foods for the last stage of testing, which are human clinical trials. A lot of what we do here is we formulate the foods for a particular disease. We get a lot of our Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold data from the medical school and the Cancer Center, where they have either cellular or animal models with some particular chemical in the food that has a potential in prevention or treatment of a disease. We then try to make sure that chemical is incorporated in the food as part of a natural food ingredient. Then you need to translate it into a clinical trial, which many times require those foods too, instead of just 2 or 3 of them you need thousands. So we need to scale up our production and we can either do that here in the department, we have a facility to do that; we can incorporate the food industry to help us out to just do these particular foods in enough quantity to help us with a clinical trial.

Blood in the semen

Discomfort in the pelvic area

Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold

some of the most deadly cancers.

Dr. Vodovotz: I do not know if it could do that. I would hope that it definitely helps and so we call a lot of our foods adjuvant therapy; something that can help along. So maybe ameliorate, or help with some of the symptoms that go along with a disease or even be part of the prevention and cure. Help by itself, I am not one of those to promote just eat the right foods and you will not ever need anything, although an apple a day is a great thing, but it definitely can help and especially in prevention, I do believe that the dietary components can play a very critical role in preventing a disease or at least making those symptoms less.

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Bone pain

Foods Fighting Prostate Cancer

Could food someday replace medicine all together?

BACKGROUND: Prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in a man prostate a small walnut shaped gland that produces the Nike Lebron 13 Low Black

Swelling in the legs

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From space, to your dinner table, Food Scientist Yael Vodovotz is working to make food powerful enough to prevent and treat some cancers. At NASA she developed food for a possible mission to Mars. Now, she creating Nike Kyrie Men's

Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold

"What we did see was in 65 percent of the men in the study there was either a decrease or leveling of the PSA," Doctor Vodovotz said.

Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold

Dr. Vodovotz: My specialty is food chemistry especially physical chemistry.

Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold

Doctor Vodovotz hopes those foods will help treat oral and esophageal cancers. When it came to the almond soy bread, the team was researching how to get food to better absorb, when it made the observation about the PSA levels.

"Eating something to help slow down the progress of a disease is one of the good ways to do it," Renkes said.

bread, packed with soy and almond that may bring PSA levels down in men with prostate cancer.

Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Ivanhoe Newswire) Bread that can prevent cancer, candy to treat oral cancer; researchers are literally cooking up some super charged versions of our favorite foods to try to prevent or treat Nike Metcon Gum Grey

For the past several years you have been working on foods that have more than a nutritional benefit; is that correct?

ESTIMATED NEW CASES AND DEATHS: It is estimated that in the US over 200 thousand men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, of those men, close to 30 thousand will die from the disease in 2013. Prostate cancer that is more advanced may cause signs and symptoms such as:Decreased force in the stream of urine

While the findings aren conclusive, Gordon not giving up his bread.

Nike Metcon 2 Black And Gold

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