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"With a flood this size sandbags don do anything. We could have perhaps had Kent Fire and Rescue a little earlier but you have Nike Metcon 1 2 3

Ms Brown said: "We have an emergency plan which went in to action and worked brilliantly. We went knocking on people doors on Christmas Eve, warning people that this was going to happen, but some people are so pig headed they stayed where they were.

to the village in time.

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Maroon

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Maroon

A flood victim has confronted David Cameron during visit to a village Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Maroon seriously affected by this week storms.

Flood victim quizzes David Cameron

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Maroon

The prime minister said afterwards that the severity of flooding in the area made it difficult to ensure homes were protected.

A man canoes through the town centre of Yalding in Kent. Image: Matthew Lloyd, Getty Images

tributary of the River Medway, which runs through the village, to stop future flooding.

"We still have no electric," said. need electric. As I say, the council, from Monday, we have been trying to contact them, but they have all decided to go on their holidays. Nothing."

She said of damage had been done in Yalding alone, adding that she had asked Mr Cameron for for a barrier for the River Beult, a Nike Metcon Flyknit Review

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Maroon

Mr Cameron tried to defuse the confrontation by promising to contact the council himself, before moving to look at another property.

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"Sometimes these are very, very tragic events. It is impossible to protect everybody against everything but we have got to do more and we have got to do better."

The unnamed woman told the prime minister her local council had done nothing to help residents of Yalding, Kent.

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Maroon

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Maroon

"And then we need to learn the lessons. We are seeing these events take place more often. Now the government is spending more on flood defences over the next four years than over the last four years, there are a lot of flood defences being built, something like 80,000 houses were protected this time.

"Sandbags should be made available," told reporters. they were given warnings. There were warnings from the Environment Agency but they weren always accurate but they did know flood action was coming.

Speaking later, Mr Cameron added: "There are a lot of things that need to be fixed. We need the insurance companies to get round so the loss adjusters can help householders, we need the council to get round with skips so that people can get their carpets and furniture removed, we need to get the power back on.

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"Look at this man house, I was just talking to. That was a flood barrier he got after 2000 quite a high flood barrier. But this was such a massive flood the water went over the flood barrier and into the house.

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Maroon

"But we have got to do more and so we need to work with the Environment Agency and see what more we can to learn any lessons from this flood and any other floods. But right now the priority is to help people recover from the terrible shock of this happening on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day."

The exchange was caught by television cameras.

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Maroon

to remember it is a huge, huge area and we are just one of those areas."

Chairman of Yalding parish council Geraldine Brown said residents relied on Sea Scouts with canoes to be rescued because Kent Fire and Rescue Service could not get Nike Zoom Cabos On Feet

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