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Never drive fatigued.

Never speed.

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Clear rules include:

percent had "primary access" to a vehicle. That didn't necessarily mean that the teens had their own cars, Ginsburg said, but it could mean they had easy access to the keys and didn't need to ask permission to take a family car.

"Teens do need parents to set rules, and there need to be consequences when the rules aren't followed," said Dr. Barbara Gaines, director of the trauma and injury prevention program at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

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found that 70 Nike Zoom Fly 2 Women's

Parents should control the keys to the car for at least the first six to 12 months of driving, he added.

The first study included a nationally representative sample of 5,665 teens in 9th through 11th grades. Teens with parents in these groups were also half as likely to speed as those with uninvolved parents.

The first study looked at the association between parenting styles and teen driving behaviors and attitudes, while the second assessed teen behavior based on their access to a vehicle.

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Ginsburg said there are clear rules that must always be followed, and rules that will change as your teen gains experience and demonstrates responsibility.

Never drink and drive.

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Firm Parents Keep Teen Drivers Safe

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Always wear your seatbelt.

The second study included 2,167 teens and Nike Lebron 11 Elite Blue Hero

Rules that can change as your child gains experience and skill include having passengers, driving at night, increased access to the car and driving in bad weather. Ginsburg said it's important to make sure there's a reward for your teen for good driving behavior. "There has to be something in it for them," he said.

Parents who set firm rules, but do so in a helpful, supportive way, can reduce the likelihood of their teen getting into an auto accident by half and decrease rates of drinking and driving, two new studies find. Positive rule setting can also increase the odds a teen will Nike Lebron On Feet wear Nike Zoom Elite 8 Women's

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a seatbelt and lessen the likelihood of talking or texting on a cell phone while driving.

By Serena GordonMONDAY, Sept. 28 (HealthDay News) Your parenting style can make a huge difference in your teen's safety once he or she gets behind the wheel of a car.

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"Parent involvement really matters. Active parenting can save teenagers' lives," said Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, an adolescent medicine specialist at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 28. Both studies were sponsored by State Farm Insurance.

After controlling the data to account for the extra hours these teens likely spent behind the wheel, the researchers found that teens with easy access to a vehicle were more than twice as likely to crash, about 25 percent more likely to use a cell phone while driving and about 25 percent more likely to speed than teens who had to ask permission to use a car.

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Never use your cell phone or text while driving.

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Why the difference? Ginsburg said he suspects it's because teens with easy access to a car don't necessarily feel as accountable. They don't have anyone asking where they're going or whom they'll be with. "They miss out on that conversation and appropriate monitoring," he said.

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