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I think that a contribution It bringing attention to a disease that may seem a bit bizarre: How can you lose the meaning of faces and words? How could you lose the ability to name people that you know? reason is that PPA is caused by degeneration of neurons in the temporal lobes of the brain, located behind the eyes, which are responsible for speech and language.

is fine, attention is fine and their planning, their judgment, their personality, their emotions they intact, explained Gefen, adding that early symptoms can include being unable to recall the names of familiar people Nike Lebron Low or in some cases everyday objects.

will come in and say: can remember my co worker name. I see her every day and I cannot remember it, she said.

think the more telling thing is you ask (a family member) if your loved one is having any difficulty recognizing people they know, such as friends or relatives the person doesn see very often, she said. another way of getting a sense of this. Black said the study a nice little packaged test that smaller hospitals less familiar with PPA could administer to patients having word finding difficulties, along with other neurological assessment tools.

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has clinical significance for neurologists. Now they can give this test and they can predict that if they have naming problems, then that probably a left sided problem. But if they have recognition problems, then it probably a bilateral problem. Sandra Black, a neurologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, said the dementia clinic at the Toronto hospital uses an informal group of photos geared to Canadian patients. presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Form of dementia destroys ability to recognize faces

healthy control subjects without dementia, all with an average age of 62, to determine their ability to recognize and then name the famous faces.

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Nike Lebron Low

But for people with a rare form of early onset dementia called primary progressive aphasia, or PPA, the ability to identify a face or the person name can be impaired.

So Gefen and colleagues compiled a set of 20 famous faces among them Winfrey, Bill Gates and Princess Diana that may be more relevant for middle aged patients, and tested them in a study reported in Tuesday issue of the journal Neurology.

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Participants were given points for each face they could name. If the subject could not name the face, he or she was asked to identify the person through description. Participants gained more points by providing at least two relevant details about the person.

As the disease progresses, the person has difficulty speaking coherently and eventually stops talking altogether.

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There is no treatment for PPA, a form of frontotemporal dementia, and it not clear how common the condition is within the population.

are social beings. If we can recognize, we can communicate, we can interact If you can notice a loved one in a crowd, you get lost, but you also get completely disoriented about yourself.

The disease can be devastating for the person affected and their families, said Gefen, who earned her undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal.

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progressive aphasia and to 27 Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Dsx

TORONTO For most people, seeing a picture of a famous face Oprah Winfrey, the Queen or Einstein, for instance sparks immediate recognition and brings the name readily to the lips.

However, standard tests for face recognition and naming put together in the 1970s, or even early may be outdated for some people in their 40s, who may not be familiar with images of people who became household names during or before that period.

those two processes, naming versus recognizing, are actually very distinct and sometimes they lumped together, said Gefen.

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Oprah, you say, I know she really famous and she rich and she has a talk show and she been in movies, but you just can come up with that name, said Gefen.

Researchers found that PPA subjects performed significantly worse on the test, scoring an average of 79 per cent in recognition and 46 per cent in naming the famous faces versus 97 per cent in recognition and 93 per cent in naming achieved by control subjects.

intact, said Tamar Gefen, a PhD candidate in clinical neuropsychology at Northwestern University in Chicago.

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The researchers showed the black and white photos to 30 subjects with primary Nike Lebron 11 Everglades Blue

Using MRI scans, researchers found that people who had trouble putting names to faces were more likely to have a loss of brain tissue in the left temporal lobe, while those with trouble recognizing faces had tissue loss in both left and right temporal lobes of the brain.

important component of the test is that it distinguishes deficits in remembering the name of a famous person from that of recognizing the same individual, noted Rogalski.

The condition is characterized by a deterioration in language and eventually the ability to communicate, although initially cognitive function in other areas remains Nike Metcon Order Online

problem with famous faces is it really depends on how politically aware the person has been or what their particular hobbies or interests are, said Black, director of brain sciences research.

Since the inability to put a name to a face can be an early sign of Alzheimer disease, Gefen said it important to properly diagnose the cause using specific tests that can identify PPA.

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