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The 27 members and five voting members of the Board of Directors (president Stan Cockerton only votes as a tie breaker) were asked to accept or reject the following:

recognizing the Haudenosaunee Iroquois Nationals Board of Directors request for a second appeal to the FIL membership, the FIL Board is submitting the following motion for a postal vote by its full members.

Additionally, given the significant human and financial resource investment US Lacrosse is making to stage an event of this magnitude, we believe the absence of the Iroquois Nationals from the Blue Division is not in the best interest of the event success. And, we remain very concerned about the impact that growing negative public relations concerning this issue will have on the event, the FIL and our sport. one of the more Nike Zoom Clear Out Performance Review

vote outcome.

Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes

Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes

Bylaw 11.1 remain as stated. to accept this motion means you are supporting the FIL Board decision to follow the FIL Bylaw 11.1. accordance with FIL bylaws, votes were due in 30 days (by June 9) to an independent third party, and a two third majority (22 votes) is required to reject the bylaw.

So, what does the bylaw state?

On the other side, multiple sources have indicated to IL that a likely Nike Lebron Soldier X Youth

teams shall be allocated into pools according to their position at the completion of the previous equivalent World Championship event (Senior or Under 19). The first six (6) teams shall constitute the Blue pool. If there are more than 12 teams competing the remaining teams shall be divided into a further two (2) pools (Red and Green), with the of new teams determined by the Competitions and Development Committees in consultation. a result, a negative vote rejecting the bylaw would require the drafting of a new way of determining the tournament field in advance of the 2014 tournament. In that instance, Cockerton told IL last week, bylaws are now gone and at some point in the future I assuming it be sooner than later we have to have write new championship rules. In the statement, he wrote:

Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes

bloc of Iroquois support emerging teams making their World Championships debut that are liable to be grouped with the Iroquois and, as Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes a result, have their records artificially and negatively impacted won be able to vote to push the Iroquois into the Blue Division because they associate members, who don have a vote in the FIL General Assembly. The 27 full member nations are listed below.

Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes

FIL Distributes Iroquois' Blue Division Appeal

Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes

powerful political forces in the decision not just because of US Lacrosse place in the game, but also as the host nation Stenersen statement suggests that GA members vote to reject the bylaw.

On May 10, the Federation of International Lacrosse solicited votes from 27 full member nations on a simple ballot that will determine the the future of the Iroquois Nationals appeal that they hope will grant them entry into the elite Blue Division in the FIL 2014 World Championships in Denver.

On Monday, US Lacrosse President Steve Stenersen issued the USL Relative to Iroquois Nationals Controversy Lacrosse is very disappointed that the Iroquois Nationals will not be competing in the Blue Division of the 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Men World Championship because their lacrosse team is one of the world best and represents the very essence of our sport.

Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes

Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes

Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes

Nike Lebron Galaxy Shoes

behalf of the Iroquois Nationals, I am reaching out to call upon you, the FIL General Assembly, to allow us to participate in the Blue Division at the upcoming 2014 World Lacrosse Championships in Denver, USA. We would like to retain our place among the teams USA, Canada, England, Australia, Japan and Germany. It is our position that the FIL Bylaws, Regulations, Policies and Constitution are all silent on this matter, and no comparable past precedence exists. To make such a ruling on uncertain principles contradicts the spirit of international competition and the celebration of the Creator Game. As a membership driven organization, the General Assembly has the ability to overturn the FIL Board controversial decision, and we are imploring you to perform that ability. for the direction of the vote, that likely to become clearer as the deadline approaches. However, there have been some indications so far.

The phrasing of the question, one of the mysteries prior to the FIL sending out the ballot, is important and says a lot about the future of the appeal depending on the Nike Lebron Soldier 13

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