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To prove the test works, So's team randomly assigned 200 patients to either receive screening for a gene called CYP2C192 using the gene test, or to regular care.

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One expert, Dr. Kirk Garratt, the clinical director of interventional cardiovascular research at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, thinks more proof is needed of the benefits of this particular test, but its real value is its potential.

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The researchers found the gene test accurately identified all the patients with the gene mutation. Patients who had the mutation were switched to a newer Nike Lebron First Shoe drug called Effient, which is not affected by this mutation.

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"One of the shortcomings we have in medicine right now is that there isn't a quick and effective way of identifying these genetic variants," said lead researcher Dr. Derek So, from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

"This is the first step required for personalized medicine," So said. "Ours is a proof of concept study. Now that we have this tool we can apply this same technology to different groups of patients and alter patient's therapy. We have taken bench to bedside."

Among those with European ancestry, about 30 percent have this mutation, and among Asians it's as high as 50 percent, the researchers noted.

In terms of cost, the machine goes for about $10,000 and each test kit is about $300, So said. That's relatively inexpensive if it prevents patients from getting the wrong drug.

Nike Lebron First Shoe

Nike Lebron First Shoe

shown that you can take a minimally trained allied health person and do accurate genotyping on patients in Nike Kyrie 2 Release Date

The test is given by taking a swab from the patient's cheek, putting it in a machine and getting a result in about an hour. The test can be done by people who have never done genetic testing after just 30 minutes of training, So said.

In this study, those getting the gene test were given a low dose of Plavix and the others received a regular dose. Both groups were given the drug so the researchers could judge the accuracy of the rapid gene test using the platelet function test as confirmation.

Normally, after starting a patient on Plavix, a platelet function blood test is done to see how the patient reacts to the drug.

The report was published in the March 29 online edition of The Lancet.

All of the patients had undergone a procedure called angioplasty to open a blocked heart artery and had a stent placed there to keep the vessel open.

attacks or strokes.

"We have created the world's first point of care genetic test," he said. "We now have the means of selecting the right drug for the right patient."

First Bedside Gene Test Shows Promise

Larger trials will be needed to see if the test makes a difference in patient outcomes, So noted. Spartan Biosciences, which makes the test used in the study, funded the trial.

After one week, 30 percent of those in the standard group were identified by the platelet function test as having a raised risk for clotting, while none of those in the gene test group showed an increased risk for clotting, So said.

the clinic that is really big news."

Standard care after the procedure is to give patients Plavix to prevent clotting. However, many patients have this gene mutation, which makes the drug ineffective and patients more likely to develop a clot that could result in a heart attack or stroke.

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Nike Lebron First Shoe

The test, which can be done by nurses and others, was able to identify patients in whom the blood thinner Plavix might be ineffective, putting the patients at risk for heart Nike Metcon Black Grey

Nike Lebron First Shoe

By Steven ReinbergTHURSDAY, March 29 (HealthDay News) For the first time, a genetic test done at a patient's bedside helped doctors choose the right medicine, Canadian researchers report.

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Nike Lebron First Shoe

"Before anybody can get too worked up about the application of this technology in the clinic, we will have to see evidence that acting on the information provided actually yields benefit," Garratt said.

"There is one really dazzling benefit," he added. "These researchers have now Nike Zoom Elite

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