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Nike Lebron Black And White

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Nike Lebron Black And White

The is a person dressed in yellow that can run anywhere on campus, she explained. There are and A chaser job is to get the quaffle (also known as a volleyball) through the hoops. The beater job is to use bludgers (also known as dodgeballs) to hit players. If a player is hit, they must dismount from their broom and run back and touch Nike Lebron Black And White their hoops as if they fell off their broom. Keepers defend the hoops, while seekers are supposed to find the snitch.

She also hopes it interests people enough to get involved. The school large recreational league encourages a lot of people to have fun in a healthy and active way, said Badwal.

is hosting the 2012 Canadian Cup, which will see 13 teams from colleges and universities across Ontario and Quebec compete for the Canadian Cup and a chance to advance to the World Cup Championship taking place in Florida in April. Rowling books.

However, the event snowballed when an increasing number Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Gold Swoosh

hope people feel inspired by the sport, said Badwal. hope it stirs their imagination and creativity because the sport truly requires a lot of that. Having something you have known as a fiction become as much of a reality as it can is truly amazing, it kind of like walking into the Wizarding World and being in awe at seeing Hogwarts there when this is something you have always imagined.

Nike Lebron Black And White

Because of a head injury, Badwal does not play the game herself, but has been involved with the club for two years. She is hoping that hosting the Canadian Cup will legitimize the sport at the university and within the community.

many who have grown up reading Harry Potter, it is a way to draw parallels to the books, said Badwal. going to Queen we have so many parallels to Hogwarts, with the famous Harry Potter room in Douglas Library or the fact that almost everyone at Queen leaves their home to come here. Quidditch is just one more way to really feel like the fiction you have grown up with is a reality.

It made all the work worth it, and Badwal can wait for Kingstonians to experience the intense game of Quidditch for themselves.

Nike Lebron Black And White

of people heard about it. Organizers began to receive emails from people who wanted more information or wanted to somehow get involved, and from local businesses that wished to somehow help.

Nike Lebron Black And White

She says the uniqueness and newness of the sport is what has made it so popular around the world.

Nike Lebron Black And White

It not often Kingston gets to see a bunch of university and college students running around on brooms, but on Nov. 11, they get that very chance.

Queen Quidditch Club (yes, Quidditch is the game from the hit Harry Potter novel and movie franchise) Nike Zoom Pegasus 92 Green

The game concludes once the snitch is caught, but the snitch is only worth 30 points, and each goal is worth 10 points.

Nike Lebron Black And White

Quidditch was adapted by Vermont Middlebury College in 2005, and is now played at over 300 universities and high schools in the United States and 12 other countries.

For those unfamiliar with the game that has become a global phenomenon, Badwal explained the rules.

Flying high on competitive Quidditch

Nike Lebron Black And White

Nike Lebron Black And White

Organizers have been planning for the Cup since April, facing many challenges along the way.

And despite its ties to the fictional Mr. Potter and his signature round glasses, competitive Quidditch is taken seriously. It a full contact, co ed sport, with seven players on each side for a total of 14 on the field.

fact that it is not yet considered a completely legitimate sport in Canada yet made it somewhat difficult in planning, said Badwal.

The team does not take the sport lightly. They train twice a week, with additional training now that the Cup is so close. Team captain Zoe Scantlebury runs practices with a variety of warm ups, drills and scrimmages.

Queen Quidditch Club, now in its second year, has 21 members on the competitive team, and 140 members in their recreational league. During Frosh Week in September, nearly 1,000 students expressed interested in the QQC.

books or movies, it is essentially the same thing except that we can fly, unfortunately, said Kirpa Badwal, a self confessed Harry Potter fan and the Queen Quidditch club president and tournament chair.

you familiar with the Nike Zoom Cage 2 Clay

legitimacy of Quidditch is questioned because it is based on a fictional sport, said Badwal. people are familiar with the books and movies, so the assumption is usually, you probably cannot fly, so what is the point then? [The] reality is the sport is a combination of rugby, dodgeball and basketball. It is full contact and co ed, [and] it is extremely intense. And that is something that is only realized when competitive Quidditch is witnessed.

Nike Lebron Black And White

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