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Now, let's speak about this dog being a pet. I agree, they should have been contained, and the officer had several other options! I DO NOT agree with his use of force.

I'm not saying the officer should be fired, just that some of his actions contributed and there was no need to make a bad situation worst. There's no way to revive the dead family pet, but it would be nice to see the officer/police dept admit that there was room for improvement on their end.

I'm not an expert, but I do own dogs and my eyes and ears work pretty well, the black "service" dog was snarling, teeth bared, and lunging at the officer. If that had been a child, the dog may have attacked. Yeah, he kicked at the dog while trying to get to the door, that's what I would have done if I was delivering pizza or something. If you get passed the fact that the officer did next, then you will hear in his voice how upset he was that it came to that. More so than the owner. A service dog shouldn't behave that way unless the Nike Zoom Hypercross Trainer

Nike Lebron 7 Shoes For Sale

Nike Lebron 7 Shoes For Sale

Nike Lebron 7 Shoes For Sale

FILER, Idaho (KBOI) Many residents in the city of Filer are in an uproar over Officer Tarek Hassani shooting and killing a dog over the weekend.

Lots of people have pets they say are service dogs. Credentials please. My family has raised service and guide dogs in training for over a decade. Properly trained service or guide dogs DO NOT bark, EVER and if they are true service animals they shouldn't leave their owners side unless to relieve.

Nike Lebron 7 Shoes For Sale

Nike Lebron 7 Shoes For Sale

Let me kick you like the officer kicked the dog and if, in retaliation, your barking intensifies, then let me shoot you like the officer did. Afterwards, let others justify my shooting you because you were livid. OR I Nike Metcon Change Colour


could just go back to my car and wait there until back up or the owner arrives. This officer did not have to shoot that dog. At the very least, this officer (and perhaps the whole police dept) needs to be trained on how to better deal with situations Nike Lebron 7 Shoes For Sale like this that ends in no shooting and instead a citation to the dog owner along with a heavy fine for having dogs on the loose.

A Facebook page has popped up calling for the officer to leave. It reached thousands of likes in one day.

owner was being attacked or harmed directly. I wonder, if it had been a pit bull you all wouldn't be so sympathetic for him and his Nike Zoom Mercurial Flyknit Sail

Seconds later the officer fires and hits the dog and kills it. Officer Hassani then confronts the owner at the door.

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Hassani's boss says he did the right thing.

You are right in saying that a wagging tail does not always equal friendliness. But loud barking does not always equate to aggression. I have a dog that barks a lot when the door bell rings but that doesn't mean he's vicious. He's just warning me that a stranger is at the door (otherwise known as being dog) and stops as soon as I come to the door and let them in. Also, I wouldn't expect him to know that by kicking him I intend for him to calm down (because everyone knows, thanks to this officer, that kicking a dog is the best way to quiet him). But he also eats poop (the dog, not sure about the officer), so I kind of expect him to act like a dog and do things like bark at strangers who approach.

Filer Police show video of officer killing dog

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To those that have asked about animal control, Filer has no animal control it is a very small town so that was not an option.

"Is this your dog? Who owns it," Hassani said. "I just shot your dog because it tried to bite me. I come here for a ing call and it tried to bite me."

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Nike Lebron 7 Shoes For Sale

Reports say that the 7 year old labrador was a service dog for Rick Clubb, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease. Clubb says he was having a birthday party for his son.

"When he kept trying to come up to the house to get the owner to get the dog, he ended up having to shoot the dog for his own safety. You never want to have to shoot a dog but sometimes it happens," Chief Tim Reeves of the Filer police department said.

Police video shows that a neighbor across the street from Clubb called police complaining about the dogs running in the street. Officer Hassani can be heard getting out of the car and two dogs can be seen barking at him at the side of his car.

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Nike Lebron 7 Shoes For Sale

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