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"When you go through something like this and start Nike Zoom Blue And Black

convenience people really rely on that, but definitely try to get back to eating things more in their natural state," Sanford Registered Dietitian Jocelyn Johnson said.

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Five year old Kallie Brovold is learning how to walk up and down stairs again. The Sioux Falls girl is recovering from brain cancer.

Johnson also says to help prevent cancer, you should eat a plant based diet.

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Kallie was diagnosed with a brain tumor in July. Since then, she underwent two risky surgeries and 30 rounds of radiation.

Jessica has started buying more natural foods and reading food labels.

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"We have so much processed food that for time and Nike Lebron 12 Nsw Lifestyle White

"Fruits, vegetables, Nike Lebron whole grains and nuts all are really high in antioxidants," Johnson said.


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While diet can play a role in diseases like cancer, other factors like environment and genetics can also be involved. But Brovold says she going to take any steps possible to make her family healthier.

SIOUX FALLS, SD Doctors don know what causes all types of cancer, but what you eat could play a role. That why a Sioux Falls mom is revamping her family diet after her daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer.

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"If your body PH balance and all these different things can be impacted by the food you are putting in your body. We already know she grew cancer cells in her body, so for me as her mom, I look at it as it something I can at least try," Jessica said.

"Seeing your little girl put on a stretcher every single day and brought into an ambulance and taken over to a hospital to do this for 30 days is crazy," Jessica said.

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Fighting Diet

looking at the bigger picture, you will do anything you can to make sure it never comes back again. That for me is my hope," Jessica Nike Camo Metcon 1

But now Kallie is on the road to recovery and her mom wants to make sure the cancer never returns. That why she decided to change her family diet.

"If something has so many ingredients in it and I don even know what half of them are, then I not going to buy it and I not going to have it in my house," Jessica said.

started with just random vomiting. We just couldn figure out what was going on, so we went from a GI specialist to a neurologist," Kallie mother Jessica Brovold said.

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