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Strewth, she thought, this idiot will drive me crazy. He might have a degree in Creative Reading and Arithmetical Problem Solving but when common sense was handed out he wasn't even in the queue.

"Honecker was delighted with the results, as were his masters in the Soviet Union. When the next Honecker child was born he named him Trabantium.

"The river Trabbe, which marked the border between Polonia and Silesia, was considered ideal on which to build a dam to supply power to the city. So, over five years, thousands of displaced persons and economic migrants built his magnificent dam, the city of Honeckerstadt and the factory complex for the production of his people's car, the Trabant.

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"There it is," he said with glee. And geeky it was!

"Yes, but he knows." He drew a Nike Zoom Air Max

Nike Lebron 13

She looked at the pale blue, bit of a wreck of a car and gasped, "What on earth is that?"

"Who's got what?" she queried, as puzzled as ever.

For homework let's have your thoughts on today's discussions

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"I can show you if you like, that's if you haven't any shopping to do today like you usually have."

"It's my new Trabant, a Trabbie, an East German people's car. Get in and I'll tell you all about it on the way."

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"Saddam, WMDs, Weapons of Mass Destruction."

"He's dead Godfrey, he hasn't got anything."

deep breath. "And I know. Everybody thinks they were in Syria or Iran, or somewhere else, but I know differently. I really do know where they are."

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"Well," he said, and swallowed hard, which caused Alma to glare straight into his eyes, which instantly avoided hers. "Well, it's down the A38, at the big military surplus depot, I'm sure you know it. Well it's been sold for houses and apartments, and shops and sports facilities and, well, everything. Thousands of houses they say. Well it's there."

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That was the last thing Alma wanted to hear.

Her seat was no more than two pillows strapped to a rusty frame work, but which she found surprisingly comfortable. After a few attempts to start the car, it exploded into life with a cloud of acrid grey blue smoke pouring from the exhaust. When Godfrey reversed out of the parking bay, the whole car was enveloped in the cloud. It was as if the sun had eclipsed.

On that command the modern history group sprang into action. The two anoraks shot out to the front to fire anorakical questions at the soon to be bewildered tutor, while the rest of the group scooped up their papers, books and maps to stuff them into various lap top bags, multi coloured folders, a very posh briefcase and a Wilko's "bag for life".

She wondered Nike Zoom Cabos On Feet

For Alma it was the time she dreaded. The knot in her stomach was as tight as ever and her arms and hands were cold and clammy. Then it happened. "Hello Alma."

resistance to Godfrey seemed at that moment to ebb away. He had, she thought, at last worn her down. Although she had not said either yes or no to his offer she found herself walking with him towards Tesco's car park. She slowed and turned to him, "Just where are you taking me? I really must know before I get into your car."

He repeated himself, "I really do know where they are."

Then there was, as always, a lull as though his conversational skills had petered out. She continued to tidy up her things, waiting for the next bit. "I think he's still got them and he knows where they are."

He hesitated, and said somewhat guardedly, "It's not far."

"Where's that?" Nike Lebron 13 She paused. "In the Alfreton Nuclear Bunker?"

She sighed. Her Nike Lebron 11 Graffiti For Sale

Nike Lebron 13

Nike Lebron 13

what sort of car he would have. Sporty, unlikely; four by four, he'd never handle that. Would it be geeky?

Nike Lebron 13

"Hello Godfrey," she replied without looking up and in anticipation muttered to herself, "a good week this week wasn't it."

"No no, that was abandoned in 1973 due to mining subsidence," he replied with worrying conviction.

"RIGHT then, that's all for this week. For homework let's have your thoughts on today's discussions; the Iraq war, WMDs, dodgy dossiers, Chilcot and anything else you can conjure up. See you next week."

As they rattled slowly down the A38, both car and Godfrey droned on in perfect harmony. "When Erich Honecker became president of East Germany," intoned Godfrey, "he wanted to build a car for his people and with a suitable name. Adolf Hitler had, in 1932, produced his people's car; the Volkswagen, but the communistic ideology did not include any recognition of previous regimes. A city and factory would be built, but where?

"If you don't tell me straight away then that's it, you go on your own."

"Show me what?" she said absentmindedly.

"One of its little endearments," he said.

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