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There really no way of knowing for certain if more locals would be hired without the foreign workers being there. president of the Kenora Chamber of Commerce, Wes Romaniuk, believes that the ability for employers to bring in temporary foreign workers is a good thing for Kenora as well as its economy, and he remains optimistic that the government will reinstate the program soon.

do have lots of people who are willing to take those jobs and I don think there an issue with use temporary foreign workers in Kenora. But Nike Lebron 11 Elite Blue 3m Price it hard to say for certain. Nike Metcon Haystack

among Canadian employees at those businesses is very high, and so there are always jobs available at places like Tim Horton for Canadians who want them.

a few of our clients are successful in getting entry level food service jobs, she said.

Leah Dougerty is a employment advisor at the Lake of the Woods Employment Action Project, so she spends her days helping Kenorites find a job in the community. According to her, there is never a shortage of people willing to take entry level positions in food service jobs, but at the same time the turn over rate Nike Kyrie Easter

8.3 per cent unemployment rate for Ontario and more than Canada 6.9 per cent calculated last month.

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Craig Kitching is the president of the Kitching Group which operates the Subway franchises in Kenora and many others inside Winnipeg. He was hesitant to discuss his company use of temporary foreign workers because of the political fire storm currently surrounding the issue in Canada. But he says the Kenora Subways are likely to lose people if the program isn reinstated quickly.

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right now we just don have a lot of information about the specifics of the moratorium and how it going to impact us. That will be made clear to us in the coming days. wishing to hire a temporary foreign worker in Kenora or anywhere else must obtain a Labour Market Opinion which shows that they are not able to staff their open position with a Canadian despite their best efforts. The market opinions are only good for a certain amount of time before they must be conducted again if the employer wants to keep the worker in the country.

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Nike Lebron 11 Elite Blue 3m Price

Nike Lebron 11 Elite Blue 3m Price

the way this thing is in the press, we been instructed just to stay off the topic . But according to the statement (put out by the federal government) we not going to be receiving any more workers and those whose LMOs are running out will have to go back. suspension of the foreign worker program has been caused by stories emerging out of communities across the country where employers have been evidently taking away jobs in order to give them to foreign workers who they pay less and often don seek as much time off, or pay raises as their Canadian counterparts do.

According to the most recent National Household Survey conducted by Statistics Canada in 2011, the unemployment rate in Kenora is 7.6 per cent, which is lower than the Nike Metcon Shoes Mens

Nike Lebron 11 Elite Blue 3m Price

now, we just don know how the government decision is going to impact us, but we are going to continue to hire Canadians as we always have, and I guess we see, said Saville.

not going to be getting (their LMOs renewed), at least not according to this announcement, said Kitching hesitantly.

Foreign workers suspension hits Kenora employers

The federal government decision to suspend the Temporary Foreign Workers Program has left some Kenora employers uncertain of how the decision will affect their businesses. Kenora Subway and Tim Horton restaurant locations both make use of the program and are staffed in part by workers brought to the community primarily from the Philippines and a few from Mexico.

The temporary foreign workers currently employed in Kenora will not have to leave, which according to the owner of Kenora Tim Horton coffee shops, John Saville, means that very little will change for his businesses in the short term, but he still wonders what the long term implications will be.

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have a limited pool of employees to draw from in Kenora, and the foreign workers we have here already are rooted in this community. program helps us grow by increasing our population. We should be open to having anybody move here.

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With the program now closed for the time being no new Labour Market Opinions will be issued, which means if they elapse the worker will be forced to return to their home country despite some having spent years working, making friends and being part of the Kenora community. This is the case for at least one Filipino Subway employee in Kenora whose Labour Market Opinion is about to expire and can no longer be renewed.

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Nike Lebron 11 Elite Blue 3m Price

Federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney announced on Thursday, April 24, that the program, which is designed to allow employers to bring in foreign workers to fill jobs which they can find Canadians to do, will be suspended while the government investigates allegations of employers abusing the program.

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