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He'll spend every chance he gets making about $15,000 in repairs and renovations so he can flip, or re sell the house and bank the profit.

weeks they're surprised because there's a wet bar in the house now, so its a lot of fun," Eberts said.

With more than a decade of experience building homes, Eberts doesn't think he'll have any trouble tackling this house's challenges.

A new trend that's breathing new life into older homes.

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

"You walk up to this house, see all the nasty landscaping, the blue and say, yuck, I wouldn't like that. But in the next few weeks that will all be gone, it will be a new color and it will look like a new house again," Eberts said.

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

That's why Eberts will also rip out all of the existing landscaping, plant new shrubs and repair the lawn. He'll update light fixtures, fix this paper like patch over a hole in the upstairs hallway wall and you guessed it take down more wallpaper.

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

Because Eberts helps run a construction company, its easy for him to do the work himself. He already converted this part of the basement into a wet bar, complete with a hardwood floor, new cabinets and appliances.

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

"If they can do it themselves, that's fantastic. But we see people who do it themselves and you can tell they've done it themselves and when they go to see they aren't getting the profit they Nike Lebron 11 Low Black

Messershmidt says when you're flipping a house, you'll want to focus on changes that will make the best first impression.

"It was $180,000 and I hope to be in the $230,000 range when we're done," Eberts said.

But he also has some major construction projects planned, like demolishing this bathroom in the basement with plans of moving it to a better location.

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

me as far as when someone comes in and everything has to flow together and work well together and the colors really have to stand out to a person," Eberts said.

"We use the rule of tens, if you don't impress that future buyer in the first 10 seconds or so when they walk in the front door, the National Association of Realtors says you've lost them," Messershmidt said.

"Just creating something that you already have a footprint and doing something completely fresh and new inside that footprint that hasn't been done before," Eberts said.

Flip That House

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

"Those are the most important things to Nike Kyrie 1 Ep Irving

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

It's a good idea to work with a realtor when you're considering flipping a house to understand the real estate market in your area. But overall, experts say location is perhaps the most important attribute of a home. Updating an older home in a desirable neighborhood is going to bring the largest financial return.

It's the focus of several television shows and has become a popular and profitable hobby for some.

From changing cabinets to adding new counters, remodeling a home is expensive and when you are flipping one, trying to make as much profit as possible, you don't want to put too much money Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet into the remodel.

"Flipping" homes is a trend that began in real estate markets where high demand quickly pushed up home prices. Older and inexpensive homes are bought, renovated and then sold to the highest bidder.

Eberts bought the house a few weeks ago and plans to live here for no more than two years.

Messershmidt says flipping is catching on in KELOLAND, but its not as easy as those home improvement shows make it seem.

could if it was a more professional job," Messershmidt said.

"If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it and you don't see that many people doing it," Steve Messershmidt with AmeriStar Realtors in Sioux Falls said.

"It's just fun for me to live in the house and bring my friends over and show them what I've been doing in the past couple of weeks after they've been gone for just a few Nike Lebron Nsw

And inside, there's a lot of work to do. From flowers to fish, nearly every wall in the house is covered with wallpaper. And it all has to go, especially the room that resembles an aquarium.

For most home buyers, this 1970s two story house with baby blue paint that's cracking and overgrown bushes is the farthest thing from a dream home. But when Kyle Eberts looks at this house, he sees money to be made.

"I think some buyers buy these houses and think if they throw a coat of paint on the walls and spruce it up a bit they can turn it around and that's not necessarily the case. Sometimes there are siding issues, kitchens and bathrooms, it takes skill to redo those," Messershmidt said.

Nike Lebron 11 Christmas On Feet

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