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For the other 729 days the construction of the Arena has actually resulted in more car parking spaces being added to accompany the park and ride, and the total number of spaces is now something like Nike Kyrie 1 Sneaker News

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Nike Kyrie Purple

Since the scheme was planned lets also remember the situation has altered somewhat with the Assembly rooms sadly being out of action more events may be held at the Arena

So hardly a major issue is it?

Nike Kyrie Purple

Poor selective sensationalist reporting from the DT again

Nike Kyrie Purple

(must say id of thought the majority will be from derby though.

Nike Kyrie Purple

Yet another example of why this venue is a complete farce. Of course it's backed by all those who 'play bikes' and believe that they have the moral right for everything just because they do so, but the rest of us aren't fooled.

couple of points, someone earlyer said about an event booked 12 months in advance clashing with a match, once the fixtures come out. matches can be moved on police advise.

74 more than was available on the site previously (this info is available in the planning docs on the DCC planning portal)

as someone said the railway station is 5 10 mins away for those traveling in Nike Lebron Shoes Mens

Nike Kyrie Purple

Nike Kyrie Purple

Nike Kyrie Purple

There are many other businesses and several pubs and gyms on Pride Park, these all remain open during DCFC games and manage their parking, all of which have less than 80 spaces, when the Arena is in general use as a sports venue, gym etc and a match is on, generally Saturday afternoons, I imagine parking will be perfectly adequate it will only be when large events clash, and as the BBC article says this may only be once every 2 years

One correction the Nottingham Arena has seen the likes of Pink, Michael Buble, Elton John, Queen etc etc but it has got a 10,000 capacity. Why the planners in Derby decided on a buildng that would only attract second string acts I have no idea, surely it should have been a facility aimed at making Derby a top venue? I have absolutely no objection to the site being a veledrome even though I won't be visiting, the more that Derby has to offer the better. We should aim to be the best or we will be left behind by other towns in the region who have more ambition, be it in relation to athletics, swimming, cycling or arts and entertainment.

The best news to come out of this is when the planning office threw out the application to turn the nearby nature reserve into another cycle track. One in the eye for the mamils at last!

but finally how many 5000 people events do you all think are going to be held there and if 30,000 can get next door every other week then 5,000 once or twice a year shouldnt cause any problems.

if we need more parking space then the gas towers have been idol for years couldnt they be pulled down, or a park and ride or dedicated free buses from the bus station should eleveate all problems.

Suffice to say I am sick to the back teeth of smug, self richous cyclists taking over the roads and lording it up over the rest of us like they have the moral right of way!

Nike Kyrie Purple

Nike Kyrie Purple

Let me tell you, a 4000 capacity venue is a waste of time for Nike Kyrie 1 Shoes For Sale

Fewer than 80 parking spaces at new Derby Arena during Rams games

If Nike Kyrie Purple you read the more expansive story on the BBC News website it states it is anticipated this situation could arise once every 2 years

anything other than bike nerd events and Chas n Dave reunions. The arena in Nottingham can't get acts like Pink there because it's too small and that's almost 3 times bigger than the golden barnacle on pride park.

Nike Kyrie Purple

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