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was completely and totally unaware of the problem until my daughter Nike Zoom Run The One White

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Sohil Tahamtan, owner of Family News Stand in Kingston and a member of the Ontario Convenience Stores Association, agrees it a serious issue.

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Nike Kyrie On Feet

mom and pop retailers are penalized for following the law, said Bradley. strikes me as absolutely offensive, frankly. If we tell people in this country what the laws are, they need to be followed, and we shouldn be penalized for the convenience stores doing what they doing and losing all this revenue because we not going to officials and our government representatives, and saying this isn fair, this isn right. It not legal and it literally being trafficked to our children. So on every level this is a real problem, said Bradley.

think everyone [needs to] take a lead, and say, is a fight we need to take up, we need to protect our children. We need to take this from city hall to the parliament buildings and back again, said Bradley.

acknowledging the problem is coming a long way for many municipalities, said Jacqueline Bradley, executive director of The National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco. need to use that as a starting off point for every level of government to get involved, to know what each level of government is doing, and to really take a stand against contraband tobacco. said many people seem to be unaware of the problem, which is invading local schools.

came home from a party and told me they were passing around cigarettes out of a Ziploc bag, and I thought it was impossible, said Bradley. was blissfully unaware of the fact that our children could even get tobacco, because as far as I was concerned, all the legitimate tobacco retailers have it behind lock and key. Kids would have to jump through hoops to get it. said as far as she was concerned, her children and their friends were protected from smoking. It was after doing some research that she became involved in the fight against contraband tobacco.

we put a concerted effort to get this off the street, potentially, we have 43 per cent of children who aren smoking, said Bradley.

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would be Nike Kyrie On Feet nice if the government could come up to a solution to this, but so far we haven seen anything, so we sitting here waiting for this whole thing to see what happens.

been a huge problem for the past few years, said Tahamtan. the price of cigarettes get higher, it gets even worse. And you can blame people, when they are paying such a high price on tobacco. When they can get it cheaper, they will do it. said he average price for a pack of commercially produced cigarettes goes for about $9.50.

was absolutely shocked, said Bradley. can buy a baggie of cigarettes for less than a Mens Nike Lebron 11 Low Black

Nike Kyrie On Feet

He said tobacco sales at his store have gone down by at least 50 per cent in the last few years because of contraband.

Nike Kyrie On Feet

all have been impacted by contraband, every convenience store in Kingston and all around Kingston, said Tahamtan.

Nike Kyrie On Feet

Nike Kyrie On Feet

Fight against contraband tobacco

The National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco is Nike Zoom Hypercross Galaxy

Nike Kyrie On Feet

Nike Kyrie On Feet

Bradley cited that 43 per cent of all children who smoke cigarettes in high school are smoking contraband tobacco bearing in mind that nobody in high school is legally allowed to smoke, period.

movie ticket, literally. she was pleased to see Kingston take a stand against contraband tobacco.

thrilled Kingston city councillors have passed a motion condemning the sale of illegal cigarettes.

The motion, which passed two weeks ago, makes Kingston the latest in a number of major cities in Ontario to join the fight against contraband cigarettes.

She said local convenience stores following the rules are also suffering from contraband cigarettes.

Nike Kyrie On Feet

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