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Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

Keep the jugged hare recipe somewhere safe until late autumn, which is the proper time to cook it.

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

turning it into a great dish.

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

Place the quartered head with all the ingredients except the salt, ground pepper and parsley into a deep pan and add enough water to cover. Bring to the boil, skim off any impurities, then reduce to a simmer, cover and cook gently for about two hours. Remove the head pieces to a chopping board and allow to cool, and strain the cooking liquid through muslin or a fine sieve into a clean pan. Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev Boil fiercely to reduce by two thirds. Meanwhile pick the meat (including the tongue) off the bones and chop finely. Place in a basin, mix in the chopped parsley pressing the mixture down, and add enough of the reduced cooking liquid to just cover it. Check seasoning and adjust if necessary. Allow to cool, then refrigerate. Turn out onto a dish or plate to slice before serving with the vinaigrette, made by whizzing all the ingredients in a food processor for 10 seconds.

Of course, jugged hare was never on everyone's table every week, and in certain parts of the country hare numbers have dwindled so alarmingly that it's been verging on the politically incorrect to eat it at all, though numbers are starting to recover.

recent decision by Bristol pork butcher Richard Guest to give up making Bath chaps because the environmental health bureaucracy has become so onerous.

But as far as brawn goes, the food industry must shoulder most of the responsibility for driving it out of fashion. As the recipe here shows, it should consist of well seasoned, gently simmered and very tender meat formed into something like a pate.

You'll need to track down a traditional butcher to get your pig's head, but you can ask him to do the necessary chopping for you. The preparation is a classic example of what good cookery is really about: taking a very humble ingredient and Nike Lebron Low 13

What food factories have been turning out are huge blocks of pink jelly stuffed with gobbets of fat. I wouldn't give it to my dog. And if I did he'd throw it back at me. But wander into a charcuterie in France and you'll find brawn, usually made with a generous addition of parsley and sold under the name of fromage de tete. It is (let's make this clear) a true delicacy.

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

No wonder traditional British food such as this is going out of style: we've also become too picky in our dietary habits to bother with things like brawn or Bath chaps both made from a pig's head or offals. A few restaurants, like Fergus Henderson's St John in London, are promoting nose to tail eating, to a growing and appreciative clientele. They come to tuck into braised oxtails, devilled kidneys, tripe cooked in white wine, or plates of crisp chitterlings.

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

Even braised pig's cheek, one half of the ingredients of a Bath chap (the other is tongue) is making a comeback. But the vast majority of us are still sticking to our mince, chops and steaks. That's what we feel comfortable with. We recognise them and understand where they have come from. We don't want to venture outside the comfort zone.

Probably even fewer would have cared that he had already stopped producing brawn, another classic of English pork butchery and charcuterie. Speaking of which, you now really do have to hoof it across the channel if you want to see how butchers make use of virtually every part of the pig apart from the grunt, because it's almost becoming a lost art here.

Few young consumers would have been worried by the Nike Zoom Flight 96

Have the hare cut into six joints, reserve Nike Zoom Rev 2017 Black

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

Few young consumers would have been worried by the recent decision by Bristol pork butcher Richard Guest to give up making Bath chaps because the environmental health bureaucracy has become so onerous

the kidneys and cut the liver into two pieces. Place three quarters of the flour on a baking sheet and cook at 180C 350F gas mark 4 for nine to 10 minutes until lightly browned. Mix in the salt and pepper. Coat the pieces of hare, the liver and kidneys in the flour and brown them in the dipping in a shallow pan until browned. Place the joints in a casserole and reserve the liver and kidneys. Cook the onion, carrot, garlic and bacon for a few minutes in the dripping and add to the casserole with the bouquet garni. Deglaze the pan with the reduced wine mixture, pour over the meat and add enough stock to just cover. Cook for an hour and a half at the same oven setting. Whisk together the remaining flour and the blood, stir into the sauce, add the liver and kidneys and cook for a further 20 minutes. Adjust seasoning and serve with crusty bread and plenty of steamed Savoy cabbage.

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

Nike Kyrie Irving Hyperrev

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