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Finders keepers

nothing, I just got some grit in my eye, that all, she said, rubbing the scratch that was threatening to leave a nasty mark.

that you picked up? Pauline enquired.

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As she walked home, she wondered why she hadn handed it in sooner.

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What sort of Christmas would her girls have without him around to share in the festivities? Veronica asked herself the question as her eyes welled with tears.

And yes, understandably, she couldn help but feel a little envious of her friend, especially when she had purchased new outfits for her three small daughters, which reiterated the fact that her own two daughters were losing out.

It was true she herself had lost items before and had never had them returned.

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The temptation to keep it was getting stronger by the day. She had to make a decision, and fast, otherwise it would be too late.

That had been traumatic enough, but it was even tougher raising two children on a meagre income, and she was feeling a little sorry for herself, as even lunch at a caf was more than she could comfortably afford, especially as Christmas was just about to raise its notoriously expensive head.

The records showed that nobody had reported a lost ring. However, he took Nike Kyrie Grey her details, telling her that if it was not claimed within six months, it would be returned to her.

Pauline snatched the ring from Ronnie fingers and dropped it into her jacket pocket.

She always looked forward to their get togethers. It gave them a chance to catch up as they hardly saw each other since Veronica divorce had forced her to leave the marital home, and her old life, behind.

Pauline, on the other hand, wanted for nothing, and Veronica just knew that the window shopping would turn into a shopping bonanza for her thoughtless friend.

After all, there was no way that her kids would go without at Christmas.

she said, don let anybody see, we have a closer look at it in the ladies Through squinted eyes, Pauline surreptitiously examined the coveted ring, secretly wishing that she had been the one to find it. screams quality, Nike Zoom Dynamic Training

IT was a glorious, sunny day back in November The leaves were still stubbornly clinging on to the trees and Veronica Simmons had arranged to meet her friend, Pauline, for lunch and a spot of window shopping.

She remembered how upset she had been when some nasty thief stole her bag containing precious photographs, and it had broken her heart.

Pauline decided that it was an appropriate time to make their way to their favourite caf, The Green Tree aptly named as it stood on a beautiful tree lined street, which was admired by all in the Christmas season when the branches were stunningly dressed in silver and white lights.

all, if you lost it, would someone return it to you? I don think so. Ronnie lost many hours of sleep worrying, as she pondered her friend advice.

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Veronica knew her friend too well. After just three hours, Pauline was laden down with a miscellany of bags, while the only purchases of Veronica were a small bag of vegetables, which she had bought from the market hall.

He been nothing short of useless in all the years that they had been married, but to turn his back on his own lovely daughters was just too much for her to bear.

She already planned that months ago, saving in Christmas clubs and collecting stamps at the local supermarket.

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Nike Kyrie Grey

It was also a fact that her kids did need new clothes, and, sure enough, if the ring was valuable, then they would be guaranteed to have a lovely Christmas, even without their dad.

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Yes, she was very tempted to keep it, but it just didn sit right with her at all.

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what do you think? don know, really, but it looks old. Anyway, I can keep it it might be of sentimental value to someone. Pauline eyes widened with incredulity. if I was in your shoes, I get it valued, sell it and give those girls of yours a Christmas to remember.

She truly believed that keeping the ring would cost her dearly, as ultimately she would have to live with the guilt for the rest of her life. A weight was lifted from her shoulders when the desk sergeant, at the local police station praised her honesty as she handed him the object that had caused her so much anguish.

they approached the entrance, the sun flickered through the rustling leaves, casting dancing shadows on the wet ground, which highlighted the small shiny object that caught Veronica eye through the mist of her watery vision. She stooped to have a closer look, and her heart pounded when she realised that it was a beautiful diamond cluster ring.

a ring, I found a ring, Ronnie said, as she admired the glistening diamonds.

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But what hurt the most was that their dad had left without so much as a backward glance. Undoubtedly, she was glad to see the back of him.

Every day, she checked the lost and found notices in the local paper, but nobody had reported a lost ring.

the matter, Ronnie? Pauline asked, as she flung an arm around her shoulder, scratching her face on the corner of a paper carrier bag as she did Nike Kyrie 1 - Grey/Blue/Lava

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