Nike Kyrie All Star Price

He one punch KO'd Jordan Hall last week and is easily the toughest Yank in the game since Jay Jalbert had to give up the game. Would love to see him dance with a name guy though, cuz even though Hallsy's one tough kid, he ain't heavy (he's my brother. am I the only one that was on the floor laughing when I read mpdsmom's post about this tune on the youtube link I just set ya up with).

Thanks God Edmonton picked up Big Daddy last week. Unfortunately though, Edmonton and Philly don't play this year, which means unless someone take Snid's belt, Bonterre is gonna be fighting to simply hang onto the 1 contender spot. Unless they meet in the final (yeah right, jokes).

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

So what we did was dropped anyone from that Nike Kyrie All Star Price original pre season ranking that won't be playing pro ball this year. So even though I still think he's probably the best in the biz, Tim O'Brien is outta the top ten for the first time in like five years. Ya gotta be playin' or you're not on the radar right now. It'd be boring as hell otherwise.

(8 ) Jeff Moleski

One of if not the most hated guys in the game, Laverty Nike Kyrie Black And White

(1) Geoff Snider

We also factored in the bit of fisticuffs we've seen this year, which gave us what we have below.

Like his Necks' teammate, Moleski's rep from past battles is keepin' him in the running here. We all know this kid is one tough mutha, but let's see thems fists fly more Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2015 Black

(3) Scott Evans

more this year if the Jax need anymore sparks to get em going. So yeah, he'll be dancin'. a lot.

(7) Mike Kilby

With an increased role on D, not sure how much McNish is gonna be dancin' this year. Little Daws wanted a go, but McNish threw on the ol' seatbelt while the two fell to the floor King Kong Godzilla styles. Still holdin' on this high based solely on rep right now. Will definitely have a chance to dance this weekend with Buffalo in town.

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

(9) Eric Martin

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

Gave Snider all he could handle last year and might need to drop em soon to spark some kinda wake up call in Rochester if this slide goes on any longer. An Evans fight has as many asses outta the seats as JR. goin' cross crease.

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

(2) Troy Bonterre

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

Now that he's pretty much 100% from shoulder surgery, expect to see Kilby back serving up some knuckle sandwiches (yeah, I went there) with a side order of chips (well, cuz I like chips with my sandwiches). Dudes tough as nails and hopefully will be droppin' em a lot Nike Lebron Xiii Low Blue

Fight Club Ranking

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

Anyways, I checked in with a bunch of people that I know like the tilts (which is pretty much everyone, so stop lying and acting all PC and sh and saying you oppose fighting in lacrosse, cuz you love it!) and came to a happy median of 190 lbs. as our cut off between heavyweights and the little guys. Or in and around there at least. Know guys like Shawn Evans and Travis Hill like to mix it up with the bigger kids once in a while, and we'll factor that into both rankings.

often Jeff. Don't let lacrosse get in your way of climbing the Fight Club charts brotha.

will not only fight ya but get in your had for 60 straight and totally F up your game. Needs a big tilt soon cuz he's got some hungry heavies breathing down is neck for this 6 spot. Laverty versus McNish this weekend would be insane.

(6) Kyle Laverty

So after sleeping on it a bit and wondering what I could do to redeem myself, there really was only one thing I could do. TWO SEPARATE RANKINGS for the heavies and the lightweights!! It was about as obvious as the mountain of snow that poured down on us in TO yesterday.

(5) Drew Candy

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

Two rankings, duh!!! What the hell was I thinking mashing all those names into one rundown?? Stupid.

(4) Ryan McNish

Still the champ for sure. Threw McCready around like a rag doll and even showed how classy he was when he cocked up the ol' rifle when he could see Pat was in no man's land.

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

He'll stick up for his homies no matter what. His record might not be the greatest considering he takes on all comers, but few have the same sized, well. you know whats, that Candy has. He'll fight ya if you look at him funny. Always good for a go.

Nike Kyrie All Star Price

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