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my son got his last week, we have been out throwing with it and can it toss the ball!! We have indoor lax tomorrow so I will post a review after. My son after only 10 minutes was hitting me ( within two steps) 8 out of 10 times from his crease to within five feet of the dotted line at the far end. From center to the crease he can throw it on a rope, and that is straight out of the store. I will post some pictures also showing him with his woodie,field goalie stick and the Wall to show the difference in five hole coverage. It weights nothing compared to a big woodie.

i know he uses less padding than normal, i was just Nike Lebron 12 Low Court Purple

For temporary shin guards, that is until I get the dough for the MaxLax's, I've thought about using top of the line baseball catcher shin guards, adding addtional padding to the calf wings and ankles (taken from an old set of hockey shins), and wearing addtional knee/shin padding underneath that. I could fasten a set of butterfly thigh guards to the tops to create the thigh rise too. I know that still exposes the tops of my feet/toes, but I'll figure it out. Think it would work decent enough to withstand a handful of practice games or am I just kidding myself here? I'm not playing with A level players for the time being (one guy used to be D1 though) but I gotta go with what I have for the moment.

stating i saw one Nike Lebron Soldier 10 - Boys' Grade School

A helmet has too much area that is nearly flat for a goalie. I'd highly recommend a mask. A little more pricey, but it will last longer, can be adjusted more, and is designed specifically to deflect shots. (thus taking the necessity of your skull absorbing the energy of the transfer as the ball strikes your protection)

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

The problem I'd have with my leg guards would be it shifting on the leg when I went down I guess what could still be called the butterfly (I guess the term can be used with lax too).

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

If I had to wear Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line a helmet, I'd get a hockey concussion bucket with the extra padding. All abeit that padding is designed to break down much like a kids bike helmet and you will not get a lot of time out of it.

other than that, just stay within the legal limits and you'll be fine

And one last thing before I quit bugging you all:

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

As to helmets he went thru three helmets alst year. Cracking his two year old ITech, worn a Eddy for a while and ended up with the new Envy 7, he has a wide head and it fitted well .

I think I'll scape together some coin and go for the Max Lax MXSH 1000's. A little pricier than I wanted to go, but as long as they do their jobs, I'm ok. Shame you can't find decent box gear on Ebay; that'd be the 1st place I'd look. And as far as the Sentry vs. Furys, I'll probably just spring for a nicer hockey players glove anyways, although I read where one guy said you shouldn't, but if so place hard plastic panels on the back of the hands. Anyone heard of that?

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

Any thoughts or good advice? And if all this has been addressed on another post, just point in the right direction. Being a little Frankenstein here, but if I were to get the Warrior CP, I could always rip apart my old hockey one and sew the padding into the Warrior. Might work; I read in the old days goalies wore football shoulder pads their CP's. So roughly how far across the knee do the box leg guards measure? And is the thigh rise made of rigid foam or hard plastic? I have another idea that should work without sacrificing protection, but don't have any model to compare to.

i also know of a store in Fredericton, NB that deals box goalie equipment, but he only sells boddam so i would think thats a little out of your price range, but i can get you his phone number if you are interested at all

advice on getting the box version, but don't have (too) much cash to part with. With that in mind, is Warrior's MPG CP decent enough? Keep in mind I'm not playing with/against former pros, just some guys that played college field years back. Ice goalie pants won't be a problem (used to be a goalie for years) so I have that covered, as well as the gloves (Gait Chaos), stick (Abyss head on STX handle), and helmet (regular Cascade). As far as leg guards, I was considering the Warrior MPG's or Brine Rebel Clubs, or even making some by combining the right elements (I used to mod all of my ice gear).

as per putting more padding in your c/a, just make shure it isnt obvious, so you would have to cut open the material and put it inside of the equipment

Hate to bring change the subject (somewhat) but I didn't want to start a new thread and I've searched the forums, but can't find the answer I'm looking for.

Y'know, I'm proud to be southern and all, but sometimes it puts me a serious geographical disadvantage; no local stores sell the things I need, hockey or lax. If it weren't for the cold, I'd pack up and head north. I hear Vancouver's nice.:)

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

For Box Goalie's Only

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

on ebay

I'm in the process of getting a box rec team together for fun n' sport until summer when I'll be in net in a men's league. I've read all about hockey CP's vs. box CP's, so I'm going with the sound Nike Shoes Lebron 12

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

Nike Kyrie 1 Finish Line

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