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more proud of our little man.

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To name a few: five blood transfusions, cranial scans, phototherapy for jaundice, chest infections, regular injections and lung disease.

It was on one of these routine scans in Melbourne where things took a turn for the worse. The blood flow from the umbilical cord was reversing and Sully wasn receiving the oxygen and nutrients he needed.

But for Carly, it Nick who ultimately helped her through the ordeal.

was the most exciting day ever, recalls Nick with emotion. but so exciting that we were finally going to look after our own son. months on and Sully suffers from chronic lung disease but his prognosis is good and the parents are thankful for every day they have with him.

This next scan showed that he had fallen further behind in his growth. The couple was referred to the Royal Women Hospital in Melbourne for twice weekly scans and discovered that Sully slow growth was due to placental inefficiency, an uncommon and serious condition.

is the most calm and loving man you can imagine, she says. is so lucky to have him as a dad. month after his due date, Carly and Nick dream became a reality. Sully was strong enough to be discharged and come home. They were able to spend their first night together as a family.

Nike Kyrie 1 Blue/Black/Silver

Nike Kyrie 1 Blue/Black/Silver

Nike Kyrie 1 Blue/Black/Silver

But the moment Carly firstborn was lying against her chest, she forgot all about the many tubes trailing from his fragile body and she tuned out the noise of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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Miraculously, he had survived the birth.

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Nike Kyrie 1 Blue/Black/Silver

The first trimester was relatively carefree but at the 20 week scan, Sully measured small.

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would ring to see how he was at 2am and if he was OK it made it a little easier to fall back asleep. couple praise the nursing staff at the Geelong Hospital who they say understood how desperate the parents were to be involved with their baby recovery.

Carly was diagnosed with pre eclampsia, admitted to hospital straight away and was told they had to deliver the baby as soon as possible.

our miracle and we so proud of him, Carly says through tears. a day goes by where we don think, he just meant to be here. Nick: an absolute little champ. has just been named the face of this year Geelong Hospital Appeal which launches next week and raises money for the Special Care Nursery redevelopment.

Telling her harrowing story this week, Carly remembers the moment she and Nick discovered she was pregnant after their second IVF attempt.

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Besides watching the tiny baby endure his endless treatments through hospital tubes, the hardest part was leaving him each night and going home.

was overwhelming to see all the tubes and machines that were literally keeping Sully alive, Carly recalls. expect most new parents are elated at the birth of their little one but we had a mixture of emotions. We were absolutely thrilled that we had a new baby boy who had made it through his delivery but we also had an overwhelming sense of anxiety that something bad could happen. sense of anxiety was to stay with Nike Kyrie 1 Blue/Black/Silver the couple for the next 119 days as Sully battled to grow stronger for 11 weeks in intensive care and a further six in Geelong Hospital Special Care Nursery.

was our little boy but we weren able to look after him. We had a combination of feeling so happy Sully was alive and excited that Nike Zoom Talaria Mid Flyknit

Carly had just gone 25 weeks and Sully was measuring the size of a baby at 23 weeks.

the bedtime story ended it was so difficult to leave the hospital, Carly says.

is small in size but so big in spirit, Carly says. has certainly been a fighter from day one and we couldn be Nike Kyrie 1 Black History

his first 1ml of breast milk, reaching 1kg, surviving 100 days, the first time he wasn connected to any tubes for a few minutes and when we didn have to ask permission before touching him anymore, says Carly, easily recalling each sign that showed her baby boy was getting stronger. are things we never forget. list Carly has learnt almost by heart is what Sully endured.

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For the couple in their early 30s, their son new title pays tribute to the life saving care he received in hospital.

doctor came in in tears and said Carly, I so sorry and told us the chances of him surviving were basically none, Carly says. were in complete shock. That moment will never leave me. day of delivery was a blur for Carly. Sully was brought in to the world by caesarean, weighing just 531 grams. He was whisked away and put straight on respiratory support, into an incubator and taken straight to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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The chances of him surviving were so small, Carly says, that they treasured every moment and every tiny milestone.

cannot describe the feeling. For a brief moment it was just us, Carly says. a beeping monitor reminded me where we were. first cuddle was one of the many milestones that kept Carly and her husband Nick sprits high throughout Sully 119 days in hospital after complications meant he was born 14 weeks premature.

She sat by his incubator and was told to remain perfectly still as a 531 gram Sully was lowered into her arms.

the rollercoaster ride that accompanies IVF this news was truly overwhelming and took a while to sink in, says the primary school teacher.

Fighting face of Geelong Hospital Appeal

were told not to worry too much but were advised to come back in a fortnight to check his progress, Carly says.

a list that hard to believe seeing Sully now at almost 10 months old. He a bubbly baby who, despite being small, is happy and well.

he was becoming stronger, but the feeling of emptiness deep in our stomachs that something bad might happen stayed with us, particularly during the night.

thought, if I move? Will he stop breathing? recalls the Ocean Grove mum.

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