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Flyovers and trams would fix infrastructure issues

My comment in context of the letter is therefore of far more relevance than your own.

It would be an attraction, and, more importantly, save the long trek to the shops in the Cathedral Quarter.

Come on, Derby. Do we stay little or do we grow?Thanks once again for your patronising tones, now let me respond in similar fashion

of course Derby_born and Alan, there is also the issue that the A38 is nothing to do with the council, being the Highways Agency remit

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It could do a circuit, starting at Westfield, down to the Council House, through the Market Place, across Victoria Street, up past The Spot and back to Westfield.

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However the letter to which we both respond is about the here and now. I fully appreciate you have a fascination with the past, to the extent that you seemingly still live in it but as you say yourself, the responsibility for this road has not been with either council since the 1980's

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by terminating outside Joseph Wright College on their super wide pavement. 50p fares would easily cover the diesel. Honk honk!

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And a tram service that charges 20p a trip?! How many tens of decades would that take to recover its initial investment and construction cost, are you aware of the costs in time, money and local disruption of installing the infrastructure needed for even a short length of tramlines?

I am well aware of the founding and history of the Highways Agency and the A38 and other roads that come under it's jurisdiction

Charge a small fee, such as 20p or 30p. Once up and running, we could get local businesses to help with the cost of running it.

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In terms of the Cathedral Quarter, my idea Nike Kyrie 1 Black would be two fold something along the lines of a streetcar or a tram.

But hey don't let that get in the way of some council bashing

Stoke is a good example. Its council took the big decision years ago to take the road right through the centre. It took years to do but you can now drive straight through.

The HA was formed to take the responsibility for such routes of national importance away from local councils, who did not have the funding to make such improvements, the reason why flyovers where previously rejected, they simply could not be funded by the respective councils, it was not a matter of not listening to the electorate, but of not being able to afford to act. Advertising could be sold on the sides of the carriages and little boards on each roof, the guard could ride on a ledge at the back to stop scallywags leaping on, and it could go at a slightly slower speed than the squadrons of kamikaze kerhead cyclists who careen through the City centre each day immune from prosecution. If it went 'honk honk' as well, then kids would want to have a ride on it, and it could go as far as servicing Nike Lebron 11 Graffiti On Feet

If you where referring to the past then your sentence should have read "Councils DID not listen to the electorate" and "the council always rejected the idea" rather than using present day tense of 'has' and 'do not'.

The Market Place could be the halfway point.

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