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Anaesthesia StudyThe findings come from the biggest study of its kind. "It's a legitimate fear."

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Nike Hyperrev 2017 Kyrie Irving

Reviewed by Rob Hicks, MD

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Fewer Patients Awake During Operations

From Terrified to InterestedHow do patients describe the experience of being aware during an operation? These vary greatly, from "the very, very severe adverse experiences of a combination of pain, paralysis, terror," Pandit says, to anecdotal reports of patients almost being fascinated by what's happening around them: "Completely unconcerned and untroubled and almost interested in the proceedings."

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He admits some under reporting is possible in the study. Anesthesiologists may have forgotten how many awareness cases they'd seen. Since anesthesiologists don't routinely see patients after operations, they may not always learn about the awareness report. Sometimes patients may forget the incident or think it is too trivial to mention.

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He and colleagues are planning more research to focus on patient experiences. for about 10 years. The monitors help check that a patient Nike Kyrie Cheap

some concerns: "Anything to use data to be reassuring is always a good thing."

March 14, 2013 Being aware of what's going on during an operation under general anesthesia sounds scary. The good news Nike Hyperrev 2017 Kyrie Irving is a new study suggests it happens less often than had been thought.

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There's a debate over how useful the monitors are, and some research Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2016 - Men'S

really is under the anesthetic. Pandit says these are available in about two thirds of hospitals, but even where they are supplied, most anesthesiologists don't use them. "One would have hoped that if the profession is doing what it wants to do, which is keep people asleep, and there is a monitor that they believe in, that they would of course use it."

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Different Responses to AnestheticPandit says it isn't clear why some people wake up during a procedure while others don't, although it is possible the drugs used for anesthesia have a different effect on different people. "We know that's true of other drugs. Be it antidepressants or cardiovascular drugs or cancer drugs. They don't all have the same effect in people," he says. "Some people get side effects and some people don't."

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He hopes the study will calm Nike Lebron Soldier 10 - Men's

suggests they don't appear to help lessen the numbers of people being awake during surgery.

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Previous research has found that about 1 in 500 patients is aware or awake under general anaesthesia.

Nike Hyperrev 2017 Kyrie Irving

Researchers also found that even where brain monitoring equipment is available, fewer than 2% of anesthesiologists routinely use it to check the effectiveness of the anesthetic.

Nike Hyperrev 2017 Kyrie Irving

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