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Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

First, the Libyan example. There, as in Syria, a mafia like ethnic minority ruled the majority. The Moammar Gadhafi regime funded terrorism abroad, and repressed human rights at Nike Kyrie Amazon

Five reasons why we must act in Syria

Sun News Brian Lilley and I debated this difficult decision on air the other day. Brian, a conservative, was the dove; me, the liberal, played Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's the unlikely role of the hawk. Brian reluctance to engage militarily in Syria mainly originated from one point: We do not know if those we seek to assist the Free Syrian Army are worse than what we seek to replace.

The usual measures condemnations, diplomatic censures, embargoes have done nothing to stop the killing of innocents. With the complicity of China and Russia, and with the military support of Iran, Syria little Hitler has survived far longer than anyone predicted he would.

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

Every strategic path in Syria, however, carries risk. We know that if we keep doing what we are doing, many more will die. If we intervene, the same may well be true.

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

Meanwhile, the pogroms continue apace.

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

home. Despite the expressed concerns of many, we intervened militarily in Libya last year, and months Gadhafi was gone. The new Libyan state is not perfect, but it is far better than what preceded it.

Second, destroying the al Assad regime hurts Iran. Syria conflict has become a proxy war, and no Middle Eastern nation has as much to lose in al Assad departure than the maniacs in Tehran. The Syrian dictator is a critical strategic ally for the outlaw Iranian state. With his departure ideally at the end of a noose, after a war crimes trial Iran stands to lose much.

Third, the terrorists in Hezbollah are an extension of al Assad power base. Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, has personally overseen multiple atrocities to prop up the Syrian dictatorship. At present, the terrorist group has trained and advised Syrian forces, and has killed opposition fighters and civilians. They have worked closely with Iran Revolutionary Guard to crush dissent. With al Assad gone, Hezbollah will Nike Lebron 11 Low Black Hyper Crimson

He right. There is much we do not know about the rebels who have been waging war, mostly unsuccessfully, against al Assad overwhelming military might. If we get in, Brian observed, it may become very difficult to get out. He right about that, too.

Fourth, al Assad, like Gadhafi, represents a real and present danger to Israel and the West. So far, Israel government has wisely absented itself from the Syrian conflict, because it knows that pan Arab opposition to Syria regime depends on it. But make no mistake, the security of Israel, and by extension the West, will greatly benefit from al Assad removal and by a destabilized Iran and Hezbollah.

thousands of Syrians dead, in excess of two million wounded or displaced. Most, civilians women and children. Atrocities are commonplace, with new horrors being perpetrated by Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad every day.

be dealt a serious blow.

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

The grim statistics, however, continue to shock us all: Tens of Nike Kyrie Iii Red/Crimson

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

But intervene we must. There are five compelling reasons to do so.

The final argument in favour of military intervention is simple: Morality. Inaction in the face of such terrible war crimes is complicity. And the Syrian people overwhelmingly seek our help; as the recently defected Syrian prime minister, Riyad Hijab, has said, only the West possesses the ability to force out Bashar al Assad.

With care, with deliberation, it is time to do so. We need only cast our eyes over history genocides to know what will happen if we stand by saying much, but doing nothing.

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

It is far easier to get into a war than to get out of one. As the civilized world reflects on what to do about Syria, that truism bears remembering.

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

At some point, we aid and abet the bloodshed. Armenia, the Ukraine, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, the Sudan, and of course the Holocaust. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, as Edmund Burke famously observed, is for good people to do nothing. History shows us that much.

Nike Air Max Lebron 11 Low Men's

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